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Best-In-Class D2C Ecommerce Software to Power Your Storefront for Growth

Discover the premier shopping cart solution - enabling you to run a D2C, B2B or hybrid store all from a single SaaS tool.

Distributor to Consumer website

If your manufacturing or distribution business has only sold your goods B2B until now, opening up your product offering to retail consumers can be a very lucrative revenue stream to add to your existing trade-only channels. A direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach has the dual-benefit of a) helping you grow your revenues b) helping you diversify your income sources so you can better weather an economic downturn and limit the risk to future success of your business.

That being said, launching a whole new D2C sales channel can be a challenging and costly proposition if you pursue it in a way that complicates your IT stack and drains your admin resources. Juggling multiple websites, establishing additional ERP connectors and paying for more software user licenses are all factors that can significantly eat into your bottom line and nullify the added revenue you may get from your shift to D2C. There must be a better way!

And there is with Cloudfy – a feature-rich D2C ecommerce solution that sits alongside an industry leading B2B ecomm software. That’s right – you can run both approaches from the same SaaS platform – empowering you to simplify, save and scale your operation.


Single D2C Only Site

Should you choose, you can launch your Cloudy site as a single direct-to-consumer only webstore with all the latest and greatest retail ecommerce features - complete with integration to your company's ERP System.

Hybrid D2C/B2B Site

If you plan to sell both D2C and B2B, you can configure your Cloudfy webstore to give regular shoppers a typical guest checkout experience while your trade-only clients login, shop at their custom contracted rates.

Multi-Site Setup

If you prefer your two different audiences to have completely unique experiences, your Cloudfy site can be configured to offer D2C at one URL while your trade-only clients shop at a different site.


Replatform to the Best B2B Ecommerce Software 

Learn How to Automate and Innovate your Business Successfully by Replatforming to Cloudfy!