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Customer Ordering App

Convenient, mobile restocking tool for your busy clients - complete with inventory alerts, barcode scanning and more

B2B Customer Ordering App

Customer Ordering App: Streamlined B2B Sales

Customer Ordering App is a powerful solution designed to simplify and enhance the B2B ordering process. This enables your customers to easily access your product catalog, view real-time stock availability, and place orders with just a few clicks. The app integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, automating order capture and processing to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors.

By utilizing Cloudfy’s Customer Ordering App, you can tailor catalogs to meet individual customer preferences, offering a personalized ordering experience. Streamline your B2B sales process, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition with Customer Ordering App..

Customer Ordering App is here to transform your B2B sales process, making it simpler, faster, and more customer-centric than ever before.
Mobile Order
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Check Real-Time Inventory

Provide your customers real-time visibility into your company's inventory levels so you can give your stock-sensitive clients the assurance that the merchandise they need is available when they need it, and provide supply-chain status insights for your clients.

Order Any Time, Anywhere

Whether your clients are in their warehouse, their stock room, their retail floor, or lying in bed, the Cloudfy app gives your customers the convenience to order your goods any time, anywhere, without being tied to their desk. Without having file outdated P.O. forms.

Offline Order Composition

For your clients with spotty internet outside their office, they can sync your product catalog and inventory ahead of time. Then perform their inventory responsibilities away from their office, add items to their cart, and submit their order once back online.

Back In Stock Alerts

What better way to wow your customers and give them personalized attention than to notify them when you restock the products they usually order? This feature mainly helps your stock-sensitive clients who urgently need the products. Also, this feature improves your brand’s efficiency and reputation by saving you the trouble, and your customers, the cost of making inquiries about products that were out of stock.

Back In Stock Alerts notification

Increased Brand Engagement

Cloudfy’s client ordering app is designed and automated to serve your clients. This customer-centric approach hooks your clients and offers them an enjoyable user experience as they browse your products and make orders.

Customized Promotions

You can easily run promotional campaigns through the Cloudfy client ordering app. A well-placed advertisement or push notification can grab your buyers’ attention and provide them the ability to access content and respond quickly to your offer. What’s more, you can make promotions specific to certain customers or customer groups, or limited to certain product ranges as well.

Customized Ecommerce Promotions
Streamlined inventory management and ordering using barcodes

Barcode Ordering

Your customers can easily add products to their cart and quickly build up an extensive order by using the camera on their smartphone or tablet, accessed through the Cloudfy app, to scan any barcodes on the side of your products, or on the boxes they’re shipped in, or stickered on to their storage or retail shelves so they know exactly what to replenish.

What's More

Personalized pricing and branding for individual customers


Cloudfy's Customer B2B Ordering App is a powerful application designed to simplify and streamline the B2B ordering process. It allows your customers to conveniently browse your product catalog, check real-time stock availability, and place orders with ease.

Cloudfy's Customer B2B Ordering App offers several benefits for your business. It enhances customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience. The app integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, automating order capture and reducing manual data entry. This leads to increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and improved order fulfillment.

Yes, Cloudfy's Customer B2B Ordering App can be customized to match your branding and catalog. You can personalize the app's look and feel to align with your company's visual identity. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom catalogs tailored to specific customer preferences, offering a personalized ordering experience.

Yes, Cloudfy's Customer B2B Ordering App seamlessly integrates with your ERP system. This integration ensures that orders placed through the app are automatically captured and processed, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing administrative tasks. It helps streamline your operations and maintain accurate order information.

Getting started with Cloudfy's Customer B2B Ordering App is easy. You can reach out to the Cloudfy team to schedule a demo and discuss your specific business needs. Their experts will guide you through the implementation process and help you make the most of the app's features to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Checkout the Cloudfy customer ordering app for yourself and discover how you can make it easier for more of your customers to order more of your goods, more often! Contact us now to schedule your complimentary demo.


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