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Nail Care Product Wholesaler Launches Mobile Ordering App with D365 Integration

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UK based KD Supply is a wholesaler that buys nail care products from distributors and then sells those goods wholesale to nail salon retailers. Part of the personal care industry, nail care products includes nail polish, cuticle oils and creams, nail files, emery boards and a variety of other accessories. This industry took a significant hit during the COVID-19 pandemic but has rebounded and is expected to keep growing thanks to a segment of people who believe nail care is an affordable luxury.

Case for Change

KD initially relied on word of mouth to sell their products, but to grow their business and meet the growing needs of the industry, they needed a mobile ordering app solution. This would simplify, save and scale their business by automating tasks so that more orders could be processed more quickly and more efficiently.

They also needed a B2B ecommerce software that could function on two levels: initially, to allow them to manually import and export data until the ERP setup could be completed; and secondly, to let them pivot to the ERP integration once it was up and running.

The Solution

KD Supply Website
View their new online ordering portal - Powered by Cloudfy

Key Features


With the client ordering app, KD’s customers can experience the convenience of ordering from anywhere, at any time. They can check real-time inventory levels to see if the items they need are in stock. If they have spotty internet service, they can download the product catalog and inventory to look at offline, add items to their cart, and then submit the order when they are online again. Back-in-stock alerts provide a personalized touch that lets KD’s customers know when frequently ordered items are available again.


The multi-warehousing feature is a crucial piece to help manage inventory across multiple locations. This feature allows KD to work with distributors that have products in more than one warehouse. When a customer places an order, KD passes the order to their distributors, who decide which warehouse location is most appropriate before dropshipping the products to the salons. By automating this function, KD can reduce the burden on staff and saves time and money.


Once the ERP setup is complete and the Cloudfy platform is integrated with Dynamics 365, the website and apps will import appropriate content such as products, inventory, pricing and customer records, and orders will be exported out to D365, automating processes for KD and improving customer service.


KD needed a custom experience for both English and Vietnamese-speaking customers since a large percentage of their clientele is of Vietnamese descent. With the multi-language feature, KD can present their customers with their preferred language by referencing the language indicator inside D365.

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