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B2B Ecommerce Solutions for Government Suppliers

Integrate with your ERP system and give your customers the ability to easily check your inventory and purchase your goods online 24/7

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All governmental organizations are complex entities with large numbers of stakeholders and departments. Making sure they can allocate resources efficiently is one of their biggest challenges, and this can be made difficult by the huge numbers of products and/or services they are expected to provide.

Finding new ways of providing these to the end-user in a way that will reduce costs to the organization is always a priority, and if this can be done in conjunction with improving the user experience online, then efficiency can be increased across the board.

By investing in a B2B ecommerce solution, organizations can make massive improvements in their order processing times and allow their customers to order at any time. They can automate order processing to slash administration costs and reduce errors. They can even make product recommendations, bundles, or place limits on products being ordered concurrently.


Governmental organizations often provide a wide range of products or services to a wide variety of other entities, either in the public or private sector. Having a system that will allow entities to place orders easily, with sufficient product information to make this possible, is a significant undertaking. There may be many thousands of different items, some of which may need to be tracked for use and deployment, which are available only to a sub-set of users, and then each of them with a different price.

Running an ordering system for an organization with complex requirements such as these requires a solution that is designed specifically for the purpose – Cloudfy.


Here are some of the key features that make Cloudfy the perfect fit for governmental organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation:

Easy ERP Integration

...with all leading ERP systems SAP, Netsuite, Dynamics and more, all without the need for third party software.

Real-Time Inventory Sync orders are processed in seconds so you and your customers can trade using accurate stock counts.

Customizable Product Attributes you can create listings for virtually any product with the information needed by the end user.

Unique User Profiles

...with custom product catalogs, custom prices, credit limits, purchase options and more.

Easy Ordering for End Users

...with order templates, history and organizational approval requirements all integrated and customized to each user.

Reliable Cloud Based Tech

...that is kept regularly updated with your subscription. Cloud servers based in-country for data protection/security.

Scalable Solution

...with the capability to handle thousands of SKUs, and capable of growing with minimal investment.


erp connector

Business System Integration

To scale your business online, integration with your backoffice systems is key. Cloudfy is designed to connect with all major ERP, Accounting, Warehousing and Business systems. In addition, our powerful and flexible API and flat file integration tools allows each connection to virtually any system. Learn More

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B2B Features Out-of-the-box