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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Government Suppliers

Discover the most comprehensive solution to help you simplify, save & scale your product distribution to governments, states & municipalities

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For manufacturers or distributors that service governmental entities, you know all-to-well how extremely challenging it can be to meet the unique procurement needs of public sector clients. Their top priority is efficient use of resources within the constraints of legislation, regulations, compliance, timescales and budgets. In their RFPs you’ll often find that their ordering processes tend to be rigid, complex and multi-staged with quotes, approvals and other processes that all must be factored in.

To further complicate matters, most B2B ecommerce platforms are not well-equipped to handle the systems integration and automation needed to support these sorts of requirements. That is, with the exception of Cloudfy, the best-in-class B2B ecommerce software that comes out-of-the-box with an extensive toolset capable of transacting with your government clients. Your Cloudfy portal is an advanced solution that can process orders through those more-complex purchasing and procurement channels (Punchout, SAP Ariba, EDI) and also comes pre-built with quote workflows and approvals processes to help expedite your quote-to-cash cycle.

What’s more, you can reduce errors and slash your costs with automated order processing and client self-service tools like client invoice portals, order tracking and more. See for yourself how your Cloudfy store can help you simplify, save and scale your government supply business. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.

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eProcurement Tools

Your Cloudfy solution can make the eProcurement process simpler for you and your government clients by integrating with popular softwares that support this unique purchasing process. Cloudfy offers Punchout ordering and also also comes with SAP Ariba processing out-of-the-box – no third party add-on software would be required.

Quote & Approval Process

With powerful workflow features, you can provide oversight to those orders that do require human intervention. Quote workflows allow you to capture the details you need from your clients to produce an accurate quote before sending back to your customers to then approve or deny. Plus, you can easily setup approval processes following your clients' purchase-order submission parameters.

E-Z Scalability

The SaaS nature of your Cloudfy platform makes it possible to easily ramp-up your order processing as you expand to new markets, contract with new government entities and need to process more complex orders, in larger volumes at greater frequencies. Add warehouses, accept more currencies, market to new languages and more. Discover how Cloudfy can help with growth acceleration.

Custom Catalogs

Your Cloudfy storefront can be configured to provide different clients access to different product ranges. This custom catalog feature is just one of many tools you can use to provide your customers a truly personalized user experience whereby you can also dictate which users see which prices, which promotions, which payment plans, delivery methods and more.

Subscription Ordering

Subscription ordering provides an ideal tool to make the buying process easier for your customers and the order processing easier for your admin team by simplifying the repetitive data entry responsibilities on both ends of the buy/sell equation. What's more, your company can benefit financially by putting client orders on auto-pilot so they never miss a future installment.

Integrated Ordering

The Cloudfy platform gives you the ability to offer integrated ordering solutions to your larger clients, based on their unique connection requirements – whether that's EDI, XML, API, FTP, Punchout and more. Additionally, the integration can also work in reverse to populate your partners' systems with your products and your stock counts in near real-time.

If you’re in need of a robust B2B ecommerce solution that’s best suited for the complexities of your government supply business, contact us now to schedule your free Cloudfy demo.


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