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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical giant together launched a webstore for B2B Medical device ordering

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Collaboration

The National Health Service (NHS) of the UK contracted with pharmaceutical giant Abbott Labs to supply Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 3 (FS3) diabetes monitoring product to patients throughout the United Kingdom. The joint-partnership needed a best-in-breed, turn-key ordering portal for healthcare professionals and their patients. The NHS doctors and nurses would login to the website to request the devices on behalf of their patients. Patients would also login to the site to confirm delivery details.

After a rigorous RFP vetting process, the joint-partnership selected Cloudfy’s Enterprise B2B ecommerce portal as the software of choice through which all the orders would be triggered.


The Challenge

Once the packages are opened, the FS3 devices have a two week lifespan so diabetes patients need a regular recurring supply. To minimize waste of these life-saving devices, the NHS tightly controls how much merchandise is distributed, who gets it and when. And so tight controls around ordering were needed in any platform they were to consider.

Additionally, custom user experiences were also a key requirement. Healthcare professionals such as NHS staff and nurses needed the ability to enroll their patients to ensure continued delivery of the devices. And patients would need the ability to confirm delivery details and participate in online continuing education around best use practices for the FS3 product. Furthermore, because of GDPR requirements, visibility of patient details would need to be hidden from customer service users.

The Solution

The new ordering portal went live in April of 2022. Because of Cloudfy’s SaaS-based out-of-the-box B2B feature set, we were able to deliver the complete build in less than three months, from discovery to launch.

Key Features

Since multiple audiences would be accessing the site (patients, healthcare professionals, customer service reps, admin users) each user group required different capabilities and different user journeys:

  • NHS staffers: the healthcare professionals who require the ability to place orders, enroll new patients and lookup existing patient orders
  • NHS admin users: able to create new staff users
  • PATIENTS: able to manage their contact details, confirm order delivery and track and trace order status

Because patients need new devices every few weeks, the local NHS healthcare trusts needed the capability to easily setup recurring delivery. Cloudfy’s out-of-the box subscription ordering feature gives the NHS staffers the ability to select the order once, yet patients receive the devices on the designated recurring basis.

Since the portal contains sensitive patient information, comprehensive security measures, including two factor authentication, help protect both the front-end patient and doctor/nurse, as well as the back-end control panel for admin users.

Since UPS dispatches and delivers the products, the ordering portal comes integrated with their warehouse management system (WMS). Additionally, UPS provides the customer service responsibilities so their reps access their internal WMS, fed by the data from the Cloudfy portal, for tracking and tracking purposes. And they use that data to send SMS and email status updates to the HSA workers and patients about delivery status.

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