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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

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Cloudfy’s enhanced CPQ feature, integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise systems (ERP), allows you to automate quotes and to generate accurate pricing quickly.

Quotes can be automated according to preset rules to provide error-free pricing that takes into account variables such as quantities, discounts, customization, and optional features.

Ideal for complex productscpq builder

For B2B companies with complex products that often come with hundreds of possible configurations, it can be time-consuming to define and meet your customers’ requirements. Sometimes, your customers won’t initially know what they want.

Through guided-selling you can help your customers to specify their requirements precisely, leading them through the ordering process with a behavior-driven questionnaire. When they have answered all the questions, you can provide a product configuration and price that will precisely meet their needs.

By educating, informing, and supporting them throughout the ordering process, you are creating a seamless buying experience, saving time for your sales team, minimizing errors and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fast Accurate Quotes

During the configuration process, your customer might want to add extra requirements that will change the cost. CPQ software will automatically update the requirements and provide an accurate quote in real time. When your prices change, CPQ can immediately use the new figures. With a streamlined process, your sales team can then spend their time building relationships, closing sales and increasing revenue.


For registered customers, quotations can be prepopulated based on their profile and previous purchases. If they qualify for specific pricing options, these can be included too. This can simplify and speed-up the process for your customers, improve their buying experience and give them confidence that you understand their needs.

You can also include offers and promotions to specific customer groups and add time limits and minimum orders to speed-up decision-making.

Improving your sales cycle

B2B sales cycles can take weeks or even months. That’s hardly surprising if a single sale, worth thousands of dollars, must meet complex requirements and be approved by several people.

CPQ can reduce the sales cycle with rules-driven automation that simplifies product configuration, quoting, and ordering. It can also reduce errors for bundles and volume breaks, shortening the time to complete each deal.

Visual Confirmation

Combining CPQ technology with visual configurators allows your customers to see their customizations in real time, giving them confidence that they are ordering exactly what they want. You can include detailed CPQ rules to make sure that your customers won’t be able to configure anything that you can’t deliver, minimizing errors and increasing satisfaction.

Faster delivery

With CPQ, all the key factors are taken into account during the ordering process. Once your quote is approved, all the production requirements can be immediately shared across your business. By removing manual checking, you will minimize down-stream errors, reduce delays and speed-up payments.

Speak to one of our experts if you would like to know more about how CPQ can streamline your business performance.

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