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Insights Digital Transformation with Cloudfy’s B2B Ecommerce Platform

Case study illustration for B2B E-commerce transformation

Insights, a transformative Psychological Assessment and Training business that empowers individuals to get a deeper understanding of themselves, fostering positive impacts both within the workplace and in their broader lives, has selected Cloudfy as their B2B ecommerce platform for global distribution of physical goods, training, and workshop materials. Insights sought to revamp their basic ecommerce capabilities to streamline operations, improve self-service options, and enhance integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.


  • Products: B2B Ecommerce Platform.
  • Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, Adyen Payments, Avalara, Power BI, and Azure AD.
  • Features: Inventory & Logistics, Product/Service Catalogue, Sales Order Management, Marketing and Promotions, Payment System, Ecommerce Automation, Customer Experience, Business Administration, Security, and Privacy. 

The Challenge

Insights aimed to streamline global order placement with deep integration. with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O,

The Solution

Insights made the strategic choice of adopting Cloudfy as their Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform. In the midst of a rapidly evolving business landscape, Cloudfy’s customized solution proved to be a game-changer for their global wholesale operations. This shift not only facilitated seamless transactions but also elevated the quality of customer interactions, leading to remarkable growth. Cloudfy’s comprehensive suite of B2B features served as an all-rounder solution for Insights, offering a secure B2B ecommerce platform. Moreover, Cloudfy seamlessly managed the integration between various vital components, including Dynamics ERP 365 F&O, Adyen Payments, Avalara, Power BI, and Azure AD, resulting in elevated levels of automation and highly streamlined processes.

Cloudfy Modules Used

  • Billing & Credit Control  
  • Pricing Solution 
  • Order Processing system
  • Content Management System 
  • One Step checkout  
  • Avalara for Tax Reporting 
  • Azure AD for multilevel authorizations & Security 
  • SMTP for Real-Time Communication 
  • API Integration for sales Data 
  • Power BI for data analytics and visualization


  • A robust B2B ecommerce platform featuring an improved catalog for effortless order processing and navigation.
  • Enhanced self-service functionality and integrated support for complex needs.
  • Streamlined system operations, seamless transitions, simplified reordering, and peak performance.
  • Comprehensive documentation of integrations, modifications, and processes for clarity and reference. 

Cloudfy’s custom B2B ecommerce platform empowered Insights to conquer obstacles, optimize operations, and attain remarkable growth. Agile strategies, strategic functionalities, and thorough integrations were instrumental in this achievement.

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