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UK Catering Supplier Launches Hybrid D2C & B2B Ecomm Site w/SAP B1 Integration

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UK based Cooksmill is a leading supplier of essentials for commercial kitchens, caterers and restaurants too. With over 30 years serving the industry, they built their business from the ground up and work with leading suppliers to offer the best deals for any budget on kitchenware, tableware, clothing, cleaning, disposables and appliances. They sell wholesale and direct-to-consumer.

Case for Change

Cooksmill had two significant problems with their previous e-commerce setup. First, they were dealing with the repercussions of a poorly built connector between their Magento site and their SAP Business One ERP. And this was causing problems with their website user experience. The other issue was they wanted to streamline their business and improve efficiency by offering their wholesale customers more self-service features to ease the demands on their back-office staff.

Cooksmill Catering
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Key Cloudfy Features


Cooksmill’s Cloudfy webstore comes integrated with their SAP Business One ERP, enable shoppers to see exactly who much inventory is available for each product, and powering migration of the purchase orders back to their B1 database.


B2B customers are able to login and see their unique wholesale prices and purchase at those contracted rates while D2C shoppers experience a normal guest-checkout process and pay retail pricing.


In order to help encourage their wholesale customers to self-service more of their routine tasks, their Cloudfy site comes armed with a whole set of features, available in the client dashboard, to do just that: the ability to view and pay outstanding balances in the client invoice and payment portal; the ability to submit return requests (RMAs); ability to create new orders based on previous ones; the ability to create and save favorite product lists; and the ability to view/download/print important documents like statements and delivery notes too.


With Cloudfy’s Aged Debt Management tool, Cooksmill can view their B2B customers’ overdue payments and see the average amount of time it takes those customers to pay.


For some restaurants or caterers, leasing heavy equipment like refrigerators, ice makers and ovens is a more cost-effective option than purchasing the large items outright. The leasing calculator, located in their customer dashboard, makes this process easier than ever. The calculator, powered by Cloudfy’s quote workflow functionality, provides additional efficiency by allowing Cooksmill’s B2B customers to submit their equipment lease requests right through the website.


Cooksmill’s stock sensitive B2B customers need to know how quickly they can get their hands on new equipment for their restaurant or catering service. Thanks to Cloudfy’s multi-warehousing capability, shoppers can see which Cooksmill store nearest them has the desired product(s) in stock before they add it to their cart.


Shoppers are presented stock messaging indicators about back-ordering availability and inventory notices that are integrated at the product level. This means stock alerts are specific for a particular product. For example, a “Lead Time” message indicates how long it will take to get the product. And stock messaging provides clear information about what’s in stock, out of stock, and when items are expected to be replenished. This information is also included in email confirmation notices sent to the customers.


In addition to integrating with their SAP B1 ERP, there’s also additional integrations with Adyen and PayPal around the payment processing steps.

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