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Cloudfy Delivers B2B Ecommerce Transformation for Grunwerg


Chesterfield-based Grunwerg supplies stainless steel houseware products to the hospitality, catering and retail sectors in the UK and Europe.

Established in Sheffield in 1945 by Otto Grunwerg, the family-run company prides itself on a strong tradition of British design and craftsmanship. Elegant product designs from their in-house team add to the dining experience. From serving wares to high quality forged cutlery, they aim to meet a full range of kitchenware requirements.

They chose Cloudfy as their partner to create a new trade only website. Their customers can now view product details and place their orders easily online. They can manage their purchases, order histories and payments and see invoices and credit notes via a single login.


grunwerg products

The Challenge

Grunwerg wanted an online one-stop ordering portal that was easy to use for their trade customers.

They specifically required a ‘global’ product category that everyone could view but only pre-approved customers could order. Registered customers need extra permissions for additional access to these exclusive global products.

Complex pricing rules in SAP Business One included multiple price lists, breaks and discounts. As well as general customer pricing, they also needed to share customer-specific pricing and access to targeted promotions. Easy and convenient purchasing journeys to meet varied customer preferences required seamless integration with Cloudfy.

Our Approach

Easy self-service for customers meant a fast, simple and accurate source of information about credit units and available balances. For simplicity Grunwerg can email invoices directly into the site.

Supporting customers to promote the attractive serving wares and stylish cutlery, a product image bank option supports easy downloads.

To streamline processes customers can submit return requests online. These go straight to the company’s enterprise (ERP) system for approval and then back into Cloudfy for customers to access.

Cloudfy’s sales representative app is ideal for trade shows, customer visits and for ordering when an internet connection isn’t available. Order information goes directly to the ERP as soon as they access the internet.

The Solution

For the new trade only site pages were designed to match the company’s branding based on PDF templates provided by Grunwerg. Some of the site’s static pages were purpose built to their specifications.

A ‘non saleable product exception’ option was created in Cloudfy to meet the global product requirement. Whenever the Grunwerg team wants to update this category it’s easy to add or remove items with a simple tick box.

Careful SAP integration accommodates customized rules to pass payments correctly and make sure they are shown accurately on completion.

Going live in February 2024, the site is so easy to use a message on the home page invites customers to explore. The sales team can complete the onboarding process so their customers can enjoy easy online self-service.

Cloudfy’s delivery configuration tool allows customers to specify their delivery requirements. Cloudfy automatically works out shipping charges using variables like weight, volume and destination.

SAP Business One integration

SAP Business One provides a clear overview of business operations. Cloudfy’s pre-built integration streamlines business processes, improves data accuracy, and increases efficiency.

You can synchronize your product information, inventory levels, and pricing in real-time, so your customers can always see the latest information. Simpler order fulfillment and fewer errors improve customer satisfaction.

Integrations with your customer relationship management (CRM) system and electronic data interchange (EDI) mean your information stays up to date. You can automate manual processes and save time and resources to use in other parts of your business.

Find out how to create an easy to use online sales portal with Cloudfy. Book a free demonstration today.


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