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Cloudfy feature spotlight #11 – Page Designer

Cloudfy feature spotlight #11 – Page Designer

One of Cloudfy’s key features is flexible, responsive page design. Your brand is so much more than your logo; it applies to every aspect of your business and presenting it effectively online is increasingly important.

B2B buyers prefer to make their online purchases directly with their suppliers rather than through third-party platforms. And, while they have different requirements to consumers, they still expect a high-quality user experience with engaging, well thought-out content that meets their needs.

B2B Ecommerce website design is all about delivering customer satisfaction by simplifying the buying process and building new business relationships.

Home page – your home page is like a hand-shake. When people arrive, they need to feel welcome. It must look professional and appealing and make it clear that your buyer has come to the right place. It must be easy to use and show your buyers what they need to see, clearly and quickly.

Cloudfy makes this first important step really easy. Home page design options include multiple responsive designs to choose from; traditional layouts including full-screen dynamic banners and contemporary tiled box designs. You can choose the best style to suit your brand and business needs.

Branding – you have a choice of customizable template-driven designs for all your website pages. You can change colors, fonts, and styles and easily manage all your content and banners for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Flexibility – it’s easy to be creative with drag-and-drop options that allow you to build your website design by selecting your preferred elements.

Tailored design – while Cloudfy templates have huge scope, you can also choose to create a completely bespoke website to challenge preconceptions in your market.

Navigation – it’s also easy to create intuitive website navigation to help your buyers find what they want quickly. Coupled powerful search options and easy checkout, you can make sure that the user experience is excellent from start to finish.

Easy to update – your content must be of the best quality, so it’s essential that it can be easily maintained. Cloudfy’s easy-to-use dashboard makes managing your product information easy. You can add and update your product details and images with an intuitive interface, which means you don’t need to rely on a few highly trained people to keep everything running smoothly

Responsive – you can be confident that your site will be easy to use on any mobile device. You also have the option of an extended 1600-pixel ultra-wide design using the latest responsive technology, allowing you to make use of the full potential of large screens to showcase five product categories instead of three, for example.

Social proof – while only 5% of B2B buying decisions are influenced by social media, confirmation that your customers are making good choices will give them confidence. You can integrate testimonials, customer reviews and recommendations into your pages

Fast – you don’t have to worry about losing visitors because your web pages take too long to load. Cloudfy pages are fast and the content management system helps you to make sure that your content is properly optimized.

Cloudfy has all the tools you need to design, build and maintain engaging and effective website pages. Book a free Cloudfy demonstration to find out more.

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