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New B2B Webstore with Dynamics AX Integration for Irish FMCG Distributor

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Primeline is the exclusive distributor for certain tobacco products and e-cigarettes sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, and drug stores throughout Ireland.

Case for Change

Primeline handles a high volume of sales for a small number of tobacco products. Their previous ecommerce software didn’t have the necessary features their customers needed for a smooth and seamless ordering process.

And so Primeline needed to replatform to a B2B webstore suited for FMCG suppliers with the ability to set up pricing groups, which allows different prices to apply to different wholesale customers based on their contracts. Another feature they needed was the ability to restrict the products a customer could purchase to only those found in the customer’s contract.

Ultimately, Primeline needed a no-frills B2B webstore where their customers could easily login and place orders, and have those orders feed back to their Dynamics AX ERP.

Key B2B Features

Normally, the integration between the webstore and Dynamics AX is all done by Cloudfy. However, in this case since Primeline has a highly capable IT department, and strict rules about data access, they went ahead and built APIs for Cloudfy to call and move the customer records, product data and orders back and forth between their new Cloudfy ecommerce site and their ERP.

Cloudfy’s Restricted Products feature provides their customers with an exclusive list of products based on their wholesale contract with Primeline. And so their clients are only able to view the product set they have contracted to purchase.

Primeline Webstore
Light on design, heavy on functionality

Through the client ordering portal, Primeline’s clients can also download and print stock sheets to manually fill out, and submit if they prefer that offline ordering method.

Primeline’s customers can create a list of products they order often and then save them to their favorites list to quickly and easily reorder. They can also save frequently used templates for easy access too.

Primeline’s webstore also contains a Document Store feature to give their clients the ability to view their contracts through the online portal, for easy reference.

Do you need similar features to modernize your B2B webstore and streamline your purchase order process? If so, contact us now to request your free demo.


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