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Samurai Sportswear leads the industry with Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

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English sportswear brand

Founded in 1996, Samurai Sportswear Ltd is a privately owned English sportswear brand specializing in the manufacturing of custom made teamwear and leisurewear garments for sports clubs, schools and universities all around the world. With a heritage of manufacturing for rugby, Samurai Sportswear now supplies garments for a wide range of sports including Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Netball.

Unlike most of its competitors, Samurai Sportswear manufacturers garments at its own factory in China, providing customers access to the latest garment and fabric technology and the most skilled garment technicians in the world.

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The Challenge

Samurai had worked with a number of off the shelf ecommerce platforms over the years, often finding B2B functionality and specifically club shops functionality difficult to implement. In addition finding a web agency with the skill set across ecommerce, B2B and Sage 200 integration meant responsibilities split among multiple partners.

Throughout this, Samurai realized their future growth would be driven as much online as well as offline. With a specific aim of growing in all markets both locally and internationally, Samurai can to the B2B ecommerce market to find a solution to meet their broad requirements for B2B ecommerce with specific functionality allowing multiple product catalogues, individual customer pricing, club shops, retail ecommerce and robust integration with Sage 200. Samurai also required integration with a custom sportswear plugin.

The Solution

Cloudfy rapidly delivered a Hybrid B2B/D2C Ecommerce site for Samurai with full Sage 200 integration, allowing Samurai to retire their legacy website. In addition Cloudfy enabled shop functionality providing sub stores for each of their club and school customers, allowing them to see only their tailored range of products.

The combined Cloudfy platform provides Samurai Sportswear with a single customer location for viewing and purchasing products, viewing previous transactions and paying aged debt. In addition the unique Club shop store view gives each club customer a unique viewing and ordering experience serving both B2B and retail customers.

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