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Easily Editable B2B Ecommerce Site for UK Wholesale Furniture & Lighting Distributor

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CIMC Home is wholesale distributor of furniture, lighting, and home décor in the UK and European Market. They buy stock from manufacturers and warehouse it until they sell it to smaller companies. Their exclusive, modern designs are perfect for online retailers, interior designers, furniture stores, and hotels.

The Challenge

They were using Magento for their B2B ecommerce software. But they were frustrated that whenever they wanted to change something on the website, they had to submit a work ticket and wait until the Magento team got around to acting on their their request.

Instead, they wanted a solution that could handle their B2B needs, allow them to easily edit the site and add content themselves, and integrate the website with their Dynamics NAV ERP. Because their inventory changes so frequently, they wanted the ease and efficiency of adding images to their website themselves. They also wanted to add a high-end catalog, a news section connected to their blog pages, and related items and multi-variant items.

CIMC furniture website
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The Solution

Cloudfy provided the CIMC Home team with the ability to update their website themselves. With Cloudfy’s out-of-the-box features, CIMC Home can add static pages and images through the control panel and change their products and home page in a timely manner so that customers can see their fresh product solutions.

Cloudfy also built custom features for CIMC Home to help improve their sales. One of these custom features is a grid that pulls in related products. For example, if someone purchases a dining room table, then the related products feature will show chairs that would go well with it.

Other custom features provided by Cloudfy on CIMC Home’s control panel include order templates where customers can save their favorite items for quick reorder as well as a feature that emails customers a list of CIMC Home’s available stock. Customers can choose to receive email updates weekly, daily, or monthly, or they can log in and see the available stock in real time.

If you’re looking for a feature-rich, B2B ecommerce software that lets you easily design and edit the site yourself, contact us now to request your free Cloudfy demo.


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