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Bannister Downs Dairy boosts B2B fresh produce sales with Cloudfy

Case Study: Bannister Downs Dairy - Transforming Dairy Distribution with Cloudfy

Family-run Bannister Downs Dairy (BDD) in Northcliffe, Western Australia, has been dedicated to ethical milk production for a century. Today, all their produce is piped directly to their on-site creamery where it’s traditionally pasteurized, homogenized and packaged. Within hours their fresh-as-a-daisy milk, cream and flavored milk products are ready for shipping to shops, cafés and restaurants.

Bannister Downs Farm is home to more than 3000 Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows. Known as ‘Our Girls’, they’re specifically chosen for the quality milk they produce. They benefit from a traditional farming approach and sustainable practices but the Dairy also embraces the latest technology. Cloudfy was chosen as its new B2B customer self-service portal for its extensive range of B2B features and pre-built integrations.


Solution:  B2B Ecommerce

Integration: SAP Business One

Features: Online self-service

The Challenge

The Dairy sells milk, cream and flavored milk in various pack sizes to shops, cafes and restaurants. It prides itself on fresh, wholesome products so optimum shipping is vital to ensure they arrive in the best condition. As with all food and beverage operations, the company needs highly effective compliance controls.

Trade customers have their own delivery rules with every ‘delivery run’ set in the SAP Business One enterprise (ERP) system. For example, a specific customer might have shipping windows on Mondays and Thursdays.

Previously the BDD team took orders by phone, which was time-consuming. An efficient and effective online self-service portal was needed to streamline and automate sales while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Bannister Downs Dairy

Our Approach

With Cloudfy’s new customer self-service portal it’s easy to login and go directly to a personalized account dashboard. Customers can place quick orders, view and add new products to their basket, pay invoices and see their order history. It’s easy to find order templates, search products and access help information, all in one place.

The Cloudfy team developed a bespoke ‘group products’ feature for the site. This makes it easy to manage products that customers must buy in certain multiples, such as packs of 12.

Customers can easily set up repeat orders for each week or month with a standing order feature. For flexibility, they can edit just one standing order or a whole series, where changes will apply from that point on.

For the Dairy, managing customer accounts, deliveries and billing is simplified and streamlined with automation. However, customer service is an important priority, so the team can easily add phone orders via the Cloudfy administration dashboard. They can also use unique order identifiers to find and update regular and standing orders. The process is immediate, so customers can see finalized orders online straight away.

SAP Business One integration

SAP Business One is a comprehensive business management solution providing a unified view of business operations. It can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes to improve data accuracy and increase efficiency.

You can automate manual processes and free up time and resources for other areas of your business. SAP Business One and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration streamlines information sharing to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

By integrating your ecommerce platform with SAP Business One you can synchronize your product information, inventory levels, and pricing data in real-time. Your customers will always have online access to the most up-to-date information and you can streamline your order fulfillment process.


The Dairy’s priority was to reduce day to day customer interactions while still maintaining exceptional standards of customer service. Their Cloudfy solution fits with the company’s ethos and is ready to support plans for growth at home and overseas.

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