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Hotlines Chooses Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Platform for Global Wholesaling 

Hotlines B2B Ecommerce Platform Cloudfy

Hotlines, a prominent distributor and wholesaler of cycling goods, part of the Wiggle CRC / Chain Reaction group, has selected Cloudfy as their B2B ecommerce platform for global distribution. Their extensive product range includes bikes, sportswear, cycling wellness, and more. With a focus on prebuilt features, and seamless integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Fluent Commerce, Hotlines sought a comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution to elevate their operations.


  • Products: B2B Ecommerce Platform,  
  • Integration: Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Akeneo Product Cloud, Fluent Commerce  and LogicInfo 
  • Features: Inventory & Logistics, Product/Service Catalogue, Sales Order Management, Marketing and Promotions, Payment System, Ecommerce Automation, Customer Experience, Business Administration, Security and Privacy.

The Challenge

The Solution

Hotlines opted for Cloudfy as their Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform. In an increasingly complex environment, Cloudfy’s tailored solution revolutionized global wholesaling operations. This transformation enabled seamless transactions, enriched customer experiences, and spurred exponential growth. Cloudfy is One-Stop Solution for Hotlines provided a secure B2B ecommerce platform with robust B2B features. Cloudfy manages the connectivity between  Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Akeneo Product Cloud, Fluent Commerce and LogicInfo giving high levels of automation while allowing Hotlines visibility

Cloudfy Modules Used

  • B2B Ecommerce Portal
  • ERP Integrations: Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP 
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Adyen
  • Warehouse Management Integration: Fluent Commerce 
  • Billing & Credit Control 
  • Pricing Solution
  • Content Management System
  • One Step checkout 
  • Avalara for Tax Reporting
  • Akeneo for Data Enrichment
  • SMTP for Real-Time Communication
  • API Integration for sales  Data


  • Fully functional B2B ecommerce website with seamless navigation.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities to support complex requirements.
  • Successful implementation of change requests and enhancements.
  • Efficient system operation, smooth transitions, and optimal performance.
  • Detailed documentation of integrations, changes, and processes.

Cloudfy’s tailored B2B ecommerce platform empowered Hotlines to overcome challenges, streamline operations, and achieve unprecedented growth. Agile strategies, strategic features, and comprehensive integrations played a pivotal role in this success story.

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