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Tableware Supplier Implements Customer Self-Service Features To Streamline Operations

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Arc Tableware, a trade-only supplier that serves the UK, provides top-notch glassware and tableware for both professionals and for the home. Their clients can purchase items such as drinkware, tableware, cutlery, food storage, and more through their B2B website. They serve segments of the hospitality market, including restaurant distributors, home goods retailers, food retail chains, bars and restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and retirement homes.

Case for Change

The hospitality industry is easily impacted by external forces, and it was significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Because of this disruption, Arc Tableware had the opportunity to reflect on the needs of the industry and realized that they needed to offer alternative ways for customers to engage with and buy from them. They needed to be nimble, flexible, and innovative and to find ways to adapt to market forces beyond their control.

The Solution

To this end, Arc Tableware needed to streamline processes and procedures and automate where possible. They needed customer self-service features so that customers could download brochures and marketing materials as well as their own invoices. Customer self-service features provide a personalized experience to retain customers and promote customer satisfaction. In addition, they wanted to provide an order management system far more capable than that of their competitors by adding new features to streamline the ordering process.

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View their new online ordering portal - Powered by Cloudfy

Key Features


In order for their client portal to populate with the appropriate content, a Sage 200 ERP integration was configured to import items such as invoices, customer records and more. This integration provided a way to automate key processes and eliminate time-consuming and costly manual data entry tasks.


Arc’s customers can find the marketing materials they need to download and print right on the website. They can easily grab a hold of the most recent product brochures without having to go through the central office to acquire these materials.


Because their customers reorder the same items all the time, Arc needed to make the reordering process as easy as possible. Through the client portal, their customers can use quick ordering features and create a list of favorites that they can add to their cart with a single click. This supports the customer service and sales team and streamlines services so that the clients no longer need to contact a representative to place an order.


Arc requested that an approvals process be added to their B2B site with different levels of permission for different users. A main admin user has full permissions and access to approve all orders. Junior buyers or standard users have permission to submit orders, and then the admin user will receive a notification to approve the order and trigger the picking and packing.


Arc’s customers often need to review the terms of their contracts. That’s where the document store comes in. Customers can access/view/print/download their contracts themselves inside their client portal without ever contacting the central office. The burden on Arc’s support staff is eased as customers login and download any documentation they need at their own leisure.


Arc was able to deliver personalized client experiences thanks to Cloudfy’s restricted catalogues feature. When their customers login, they see only certain products that are available to them. This feature tailors the user experience to meet the needs of different clientele.

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