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Digitally Transform Your B2B Order Processing with Cloudfy's Automation Toolset

Spend less time and $ working in your business, and more working on it thanks to Cloudfy's sales automation tools

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Cloudfy’s best-in-class b2b e-commerce software can help your business save time and money by digitally transforming your wholesale purchase order intake process, plus other parts of your order-to-cash (O2C) cycle like payment capture and receivable collections.

Your Cloudfy portal integrates with your ERP system, opening the door for you to implement more efficient, automated procedures and abandon costly and inefficient manual processes so you can run a leaner, more profitable operation.

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Discover all the ways Cloudfy can help you automate your business processes, eliminate errors and create efficiencies:

Repetitive manual order entry is a costly, low-value business task. But with Cloudfy, you can automate your purchase order intake process and save. When your customers place their purchase orders through your Cloudfy website, or through the client ordering app, or maybe your salesperson places the P.O. through the sales rep app on a client’s behalf, the order is sent directly to your ERP system without the need for any manual data entry.

If you prefer to invoice your clients directly from your ERP, you can setup rules around orders generated in your Cloudfy e-commerce portal to automatically trigger subsequent invoices. On the other hand, you could require your customers to pay during checkout, made possible by Cloudfy’s ability to integrate with your payment gateway.

Your more complex products might have hundreds of possible variations and configurations, which makes it extremely challenging for your team to manually create a detailed specification and accurate pricing. With the help of Cloudfy’s powerful Configure Price Quote (CPQ) builder, you can provide your clients a behavior-guided automated process, with guardrails in place, so the customer can only select a feature package that you’re able to deliver, and is presented with an accurate price in real-time.

Automate your Returns Management Authorization (RMA) process with Cloudfy’s returns handling feature. You can set workflow rules to define how a return is handled and processed, and automatically feed instructions back to your integrated WMS or ERP.

Your stock-sensitive customers will appreciate that they can signup for automatically triggered back-in-stock alerts for their favorite products and receive email or app alerts so they can reorder the moment the items become available.

Whether your customers prefer to order from you via EDI, API, cXML, Excel upload, Ariba or Punchout, Cloudfy can handle all these electronic client ordering connections and eliminate the need for any 3rd party software or manual data-entry exercises.

Cloudfy’s powerful quote workflows give you the ability to automate your quote-capture process and reduce the risk of errors and delays.

You can easily setup automated authorization processes following your clients’ order submission parameters with Cloudfy’s multi-level approval tools.

Subscription ordering is easier than ever to implement in your Cloudfy webstore. Your B2B ecommerce business can benefit from the efficiency of this out-of-the-box feature to offer recurring orders for items ranging from magazines to grocery products to prescriptions.

See for yourself how Cloudfy can help your business save time and money by automating your business processes around wholesale order management and your O2C cycle.  Request your free demo now.


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