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Salesperson Ordering & Sage Integration for this U.K. Topiary Wholesaler

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Based in the UK, Swift Imports supplies wholesale and retail customers with artificial topiary, artificial Christmas trees, flowers, and gift items. They have a massive 40,000 square feet warehouses with a fleet of vehicles to deliver products right to their customers’ doors.

The Challenge

Swift Imports needed a B2B ecommerce solution for wholesalers that could help them simplify, save and scale their operation. MVP requirements included a user-friendly interface, high quality images and a mobile ordering system so customers could shop alongside Swift salespeople during their store visits.

They also needed their new platform to offer multi-tiered quantity break pricing. As a stock sensitive business, they sell in large quantities and have specific requirements for orders that must meet either a minimum quantity requirement or a minimum order value before the order can be placed.

screenshot of Swift's new homepage
View their new and improved website

The Solution

Previously, Swift Imports used Cloudfy’s 1.0 version, which didn’t have all the out-of-the-box B2B features that are available now.

Thanks to the new salesperson ordering functionality, Swift’s sales team is able to experience a more efficient ordering process when they meet with their customers. Their salespeople bring their e-catalog to their customers’ retail store locations and talk with the customers about the products that are available. They show the customers the product listing on the Cloudfy site, using their tablet or laptop, and then take the orders right there on the premises.

We equipped them with the multi-tiered quantity break pricing they so desperately needed. They now have the ability to show different prices for each product based on whether customers are purchasing single items or in bulk. For this pricing structure, they needed their website to reflect the cost of a single item as well as a box or pallet of those same items. For example, if a box has 12 items and each pallet has 240 boxes, the website needed to show that the customer can purchase either one box of 12 or one pallet of 240 boxes with 12 items each and the corresponding price points for each type of purchase.

From an integration standpoint, their Cloudfy site connect with their PIM system to retrieve product data, and connects with their Sage ERP to pass data back and forth on the customer level.

Also, they wanted to draw customers’ attention to their virtual showrooms, so their new site now presents videos of virtual tours where customers can walk through a virtual store to see all the great products offered and how the merchandise would look set in their own shops.

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