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B2B ecommerce for Motocaddy service agents and dealers with Cloudfy 

Motocaddy's enhanced ecommerce website powered by Cloudfy

For two decades golfers around the world have enjoyed Motocaddy’s dedication to high quality design, build and functionality. They are well-known for their commitment to understanding their customers’ needs, their investment in product development and strong after-sales support. 

They are leaders in lithium battery powered golf trolleys and have an extensive range of push trolleys, matching golf bags and accessories. Their products are available in 40 countries worldwide, supported by service agents, dealers and their dedicated customer service team. 


Solution:  B2B Ecommerce

Integration: Netsuite

Features: Personalized user experiences

The Challenge

Like many companies Motocaddy reviewed its business model following the pandemic, looking for ways to make better use of resources. As a result, they started the search for a business to business (B2B) ecommerce implementation partner. Their top priority was to streamline and simplify sales. 

With hundreds of products and thousands of customers across the UK, Europe and the US they needed a robust and flexible solution.

They chose Cloudfy’s purpose designed platform to deliver their new online self-service portal. 


Motocaddy golf equipment website interface powered by Cloudfy

Our Approach

Motocaddy’s service agents and dealers now see relevant product information and pricing on the new site when they login. Thanks to Cloudfy-NetSuite integration they have their own dashboard where they can choose from a bespoke catalog. At checkout they can select from their pre-registered delivery options. If they want to change delivery details they can contact the Motocaddy team to add or update their information in NetSuite. 

In the UK and Europe, the sites are set up in the same way making them easy to manage for the in-house team. Cloudfy and NetSuite seamlessly handle their customers’ different product, pricing, delivery and tax requirements. 

NetSuite integration

NetSuite’s ERP system includes accounting, financial management, inventory, ordering, and billing. It improves planning and tracking and its customer relationship management (CRM) module helps automate sales, customer service and marketing. 

Cloudfy comes with pre-built integration for NetSuite so there’s no need for costly and time-consuming customization. Like Cloudfy, NetSuite is a software as a service (SaaS) solution. Used together you have comprehensive B2B features for ordering, payments, mobile apps and EDI along with effective business management tools. 

Your customers benefit from seamless experiences for online self-service purchasing. Their account details, orders, pricing, products, inventory and order status are all synchronized in near real time. They can view their order histories, download and pay their invoices around the clock, wherever they are. 


Motocaddy’s new B2B ecommerce site in the UK went live more than a year ago. It’s successfully meeting their requirement for streamlined and simplified sales processes. Approaching its first birthday, the European site is set to do the same, helping the company reach important sales milestones.

Next steps

The US site’s deliveries and tax requirements are being finalized, ready to go live soon. A new feature for integrated discount codes is currently under development. 

Find out more about B2B ecommerce to streamline and simplify your international sales with Cloudfy. Book a free demonstration today.


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