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Hardware Distributor Launches Client Portal with Customer Self-Service Features to Streamline Operations

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Relay Global, established in 1976 and based in Ireland, is a leading supplier of home decor, hardware, homeware, and gardening items. What began as a company that offered specialty products to builders has expanded over the decades, and the rapidly growing industries they serve show no signs of slowing down. Today, Relay Global offers a comprehensive list of items to hardware stores, DIY stores, home decor merchants, builders, garden centers, and convenience stores throughout Ireland and the UK.

Case for Change

Relay Global replatformed to Cloudfy in order to stay competitive, streamline their workflows, and improve their customers’ experiences. Their sales reps needed a way to take orders in the field so that they could sign up new customers and retain their existing ones, and they also needed to eliminate repetitive, daily activities like taking orders and sending out invoices that were chipping away at their central office employees’ time.

The Solution

To create change, they needed to implement a customer self-service portal to leverage the data in their Sage ERP. This would give their customers a way to place orders and view invoices without the need to contact the central office.

Because they serve several rapidly growing industries, they needed an ecommerce platform that would allow them to scale—with features that can be switched on at a moment’s notice—so that they could be poised for continued growth.

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View their new online ordering portal - Powered by Cloudfy

Key Features


Sage ERP integration lets Relay Global import products, pricing and customer records into their client portal so that each customer’s information is always as current as possible. Also included in Sage ERP is a multi-currency feature that provides pricing information for each product and each customer based on the customer’s location and preferred currency.


In order for Relay Global’s sales reps to be more efficient and competitive, they needed to be able to take orders right in the store without having the delay of writing down the order and taking it back to the central office for processing. The Sales Rep Ordering App gives them the ability to show buyers an up-to-date catalog, and they can pull up current inventory in real time, look up product information, answer questions and take orders on the spot.


As a leader in the homeware, hardware, and DIY space, it’s important for Relay Global’s customers to have access to the most popular products available. In order for their customers to see the popular products other retailers are buying, they needed a list of retail partner locations on their ecommerce site. Through a tab on the homepage, Relay Global’s customers can check out the competition when deciding what to order.


Through their client portal, Relay Global’s customers can use quick ordering features like Quick Order and My Order History to streamline the buying process without ever contacting the central office. With the Quick Order tool, they can quickly build an order to add to their cart. My Order History contains a complete record of all their purchases so that they can repeat their order quickly and efficiently.


Relay Global’s customers can log on to the new invoice portal to view, print and download their invoices anytime—they don’t have to wait for a Relay Global representative. When customers use this self-service feature, they give Relay Global staff a chance to focus their time on other areas. This feature also improves customer satisfaction by giving clients 24/7 access to the information they need.

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