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Ride Designs chooses Cloudfy for bespoke app development and integration 

Ride Designs

Ride Designs develops and provides unique seating systems for individual wheelchair users with a broad range of needs. Their tailored products meet individual requirements, including for competitive sportspeople and Paralympians.

For over 25 years the company, based in Denver, Colorado, has created solutions for the most complex and challenging rehabilitation requirements. Product development, testing, and proving takes place at their own Aspen Seating Clinic. The company has gained widespread recognition for solutions to simple and complex seating issues with its customized and standard products.

Ride Designs wanted a business partner to help harmonize and automate their sales processes. They chose Cloudfy to create a bespoke app to support their field sales team and third-party suppliers. When they visit customers they take precise measurements and scans to define their seating requirements. Their aim is to have detailed customer dimensions, 3D scans, questionnaires and order details passed to production seamlessly. To explore further about Ride Design, feel free to visit their YouTube Channel 


Solution:  Bespoke app development and Cloudfy integration

Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and SharePoint 

Features: Sales order management 

Cloudfy Ride Design app

The Challenge

Ride Design offers a range of standard wheelchair cushions and backs with adjustments and accessories to meet individual needs. They also provide advanced scanning and ordering for completely bespoke lightweight cushions. These offer enhanced skin and postural care in comfortable designs. This is achieved through a specialist shape capture and scanning process.

The detailed process delivers comfort and performance to their customers. However, it involved a lot of manual steps and detailed management. Business system integration and process innovation could minimize manual steps to streamline and simplify the ordering process, improve accuracy and speed up deliveries.

Our Approach

The discovery process provided in-depth understanding of standard products and the specialist shape capture process which matches customers’ unique shapes. The service helps decrease long-term skin problems and improves sitting stability. A comprehensive customer question and answer set refines requirements to complete the specifications.

Previously this largely manual process included third-party apps. The company’s decision to create its own bespoke app and remove manual input where possible was a significant step. The aim was to streamline and simplify ordering and improve customer experiences.

The Solution

The company’s Cloudfy website provides the required database, synchronized with their new RideWorks bespoke app, designed for iPads. A field sales team member or third-party supplier visits each customer to provide a completely personalized service. A simple log-in starts the process. Once customers are positioned for comfort in their wheelchair a 3D moulding technique creates a scannable template.

Orders combine the unique scan, measurements, questionnaire and special requirements. When confirmed, questionnaires pass on to BC and scans, pictures, notes and payments go to SharePoint.

Provided the scans are available customers can add further customizations via the website. The production and fulfillment process can then begin.

Customers’ measurements and details pass into production along with any information about any customization requirements and special materials needed.

Business Central integration. Cloudfy comes with pre-built integration for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Cloudfy connects easily with data in D365 BC for seamless processes. It provides real-time remote access to product information, inventory, custom pricing, order histories and invoices. The most recent, up-to-date information is available in moments.

To find out how Cloudfy provides innovative solutions for bespoke online sales challenges book a free demonstration today.


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