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Construction Industry Supplier Shifts from Hard Copy to Online Catalog

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Sitemax is a construction industry supplier of safety equipment to both big and small construction companies and contractors in Australia. Their products include scaffolding components, tools, and safety equipment; personal protective equipment (PPE); environmental, mesh, and sediment containment products; and signage such as custom signs, billboards, free standing signage, and painted fence mesh and banners.

Case for Change

Sitemax wanted to improve their customers’ ordering process by shifting away from hard copy catalogs to an ecommerce approach.
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View their new online catalog

Key Cloudfy Features


Cloudfy created a B2B ecommerce website that allows Sitemax’ customers to view the product selection through an online catalog. All the products sold by Sitemax are featured on the website for easy viewing and comparison.


Using Cloudfy’s Page Builder Content Management System (CMS), Sitemax  can add pages, blog articles, testimonials, case studies, and product videos with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. Plus, they can share news and product updates with their customers without having to wait for someone to enter the information for them. Their product videos give their customers a chance to see new products, and they also added how-to videos to help their customers learn more about certain tasks, like ‘how to fix scaffolding’ and other topics of importance to their clientele.


For those in the construction industry, safety documentation is critical. And so we provided Sitemax with the ability to add product data sheets to their website, giving their customers access to view, download, and print so they can easily acquire this important information 24/7.


Their new Cloudfy B2B webstore integrates with their NetSuite ERP. Cloudfy pulls in customer records, product details, and inventory quantities, and sends the orders right back to NS.

Are you looking for similar features to modernize your customers’ B2B ordering process? If so, contact us now to request your free demo.



Comparable to a Swiss Army Knife, your Cloudfy-powered webstore provides you the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features you can switch on as your business grows – all bundled together in an easy, fast, scalable one-stop-shop solution. Though advanced features like EDI ordering, invoice portals and mobile apps may go beyond your initial requirements, as a fast growing company it’s best to prepare so you can avoid a costly replatforming project in the not-too-distant future. What’s more, Cloudfy’s ability to integrate with virtually any ERP, CRM, e-procurement platform, 3PL or 3rd party software is second-to-none, allowing you to easily pivot when you inevitably upgrade your back-office software.

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