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B2B Ecommerce Software with NetSuite Integration | Top SuiteCommerce Alternative

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While SuiteCommerce may seem like the logical solution for your NetSuite-integrated B2B ecommerce software, Cloudfy can provide you a more feature-rich alternative solution that can also fully integrate with your N.S. ERP. Businesses large and small choose Cloudfy for their N.S. storefront because of our unrivaled set of out-of-the-box B2B features. Cloudfy was built specifically for wholesale businesses, unlike SuiteCommerce and other solutions on the market that tend to be more B2C oriented. Having delivered both simple and complex NetSuite projects globally, our expertise in unbeatable.

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Fully Integrated with Netsuite

Combine the power of NetSuite, unlocking your investment in your ERP system, with Cloudfy, a specialized B2B Ecommerce platform to provide your customers with a seamless ordering and self service experience. Synchronize customers, orders, pricing, products, inventory and order status in real time to allow your customers to view products, place orders and check order history online with ease. With the power of NetSuite and Cloudfy’s connector, we are able to surface this information real time online.

Key NetSuite Capabilities

Powered by an open API, Cloudfy comes out-of-the-box with a pre-built NetSuite connector, enabling you to launch your new B2B ecommerce store in just a matter of weeks, not months.

With the help of NetSuite’s Saved Search feature, you can control exactly what records you want to pass to Cloudfy.

If your business uses product kits in NetSuite, we can pull the individual child items from the bundled products into your Cloudfy ordering portal and present them to your customers as bundled products. The orders would then be fed back into your NetSuite as a kit purchase.

Even customizable attributes likes lists, records and fields in NetSuite can be pulled into the Cloudfy ordering portal.

With Cloudfy, you can control which NetSuite tasks you want to run and how frequently you want to run them – as often as one minute cycles.

NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Case Studies

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B2B Features Out-of-the-box