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Printer & Ink Supplier Launches Client Ordering Site with 365 BC Integration

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UK-based supplier of paper, ink, and printers Tetenal wanted to improve their customers’ ordering experience AND simplify their own operation. Their MVP demanded a robust B2B ecommerce solution with an invoice portal, ERP integration and D2C capability as well.

Case for Change

Their previous shopping cart solution did not offer enough customer self-service features. Just viewing their old invoices was inconvenient and so clients would have to contact Tetenal’s offices instead, leading to high admin workload and expenses. What’s more, their previous ecommerce software vendor suddenly hit them with hidden fee increases, causing them unexpected strain on their fixed budget, prompting them to look elsewhere for a software provider (Cloudfy) who offers upfront and transparent pricing

The Solution

Tetenal Portal
View their new online ordering portal - Powered by Cloudfy

Key Features


Through their new client invoice portal, their customers now have the ability to access, view, print, download and pay every one of their invoices at the click of a button. As a result, Tetenal now deals with fewer invoice-related customer service issues, thus reducing expenses and shortening their quote-to-cash cycle too!


Their Cloudfy ecommerce site now integrates with their Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) ERP system. Thanks to this connectivity items such as products, pricing, customer records, invoices and order history are all fed from D365 BC to the site which collects the orders and payments and passes them back to the ERP.


Their previous ecomm tech stack lacked any voucher capability, which is now a boilerplate expectation from online customers. Their new Cloudfy setup now enables them to expand beyond their normal pricing structures and increase sales thanks to their usage of promotions and discounts and coupons.


To help diversify their revenue streams and increase sales, their new website was configured to also provide a regular retail storefront so that the company could diversify their revenue stream and increase overall sales of printers, inks and paper. The store now performs in hybrid fashion – guest checkout for D2C customers and login for personalized user experience and trade-only pricing for established B2B clients.


Thanks to multiple payment gateway integrations, the checkout process is configured to provide Tetenal’s B2B clients the convenience and flexibility to select their preferred payment method – on account (if approved) or WorldPay for credit cards or PayPal if they like. And for D2C clients performing a guest checkout – WorldPay or PayPal.

If you’re looking for self-service features, powered by ERP integration for your supply business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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