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Shires Equestrian Products Launches B2B Ecommerce Website with Prima ERP Integration

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Shires Equestrian Products, based in Bristol, England, provides equestrian equipment for both horse and rider. Family-owned since 1968, Shires distributes their products to equestrian retailers around the world.

Case for Change

Shires uses Prima ERP, which has a challenging API to connect with. Previously, their ecommerce platform was Magento 1, and the web design firm they hired was never able to connect their Magento 1 site with Prima. Therefore, their initial site and ecommerce stack suffered from inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

Shires’ key concern was that their wholesale pricing and discounts rules were not factored into their B2B ecommerce site because of the lack of connection between their ecommerce site and their ERP system.

The Solution

Shires Equestrian Products Website
View their new online ordering portal - Powered by Cloudfy

Key Features


Cloudfy’s b2b ecommerce software offered Shires the ability to give their customers personalized user experiences through restricted categories, where only certain product categories are available so that only certain customers can see them. This feature tailors the user experience to fit the needs of different customers.


The invoice and payment portal component allows clients to pay online and access their invoices 24/7. Cloudfy also imports PDFs into the portal and integrates with Sage Pay, their merchant service provider.


The new ordering portal gives Shires’ customers supply chain visibility, which lets clients have see lead times so they can better navigate supply chain issues. With this feature, Shires can give their clients as much detail as they need about the delivery, even down to the delivery time.


With Cloudfy’s self-service document store feature, the burden on Shires’ support staff is eased as customers login online and download any documentation they need, such as contracts, health and safety guides, or product instructions.


Cloudfy’s multi-site functionality provides a UK- versus a USA-based storefront with different URLs for each site as well as two different branded shopping experiences. This helps with personalization, marketing, and localization, including setting units of measure and currency.

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