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Eyewear Manufacturer Updates their B2B Website with Sage 1000 Integration

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Inspecs Eyewear is a global eyewear company that designs, manufacturers, and distributes eyewear to optical and retail outlets throughout the world. They partner with retail companies to produce eyewear with those companies’ brands on them, and they also have their own lines.

The Challenge

Before contacting Cloudfy, Inspecs was using an older software that wasn’t an ideal B2B ecommerce solution for manufacturing. What they really needed was a client ordering portal could could integrate with their Sage 1000 ERP so their customers see the products currently in stock and order online.

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The Solution

Cloudfy set up a B2B ecommerce shop and put Inspecs Eyewear’s purchase order process online so customers can now make their purchases through the site instead of filling out and submitting paper forms. This makes ordering easier and more efficient for their customers, who are busy and need a simple, easy portal where they can login and order 24/7.

The Inspecs website works as a catalog. Opticians can pull up the website and show the available frames to their customers on an iPad or tablet. They don’t have to carry all the frames in the store, but if they know the customer likes a certain look, they can show the customer the available selection of frames online. When the customer chooses a set of frames, the optician or retail store can add the frames to their cart and then login later to place the order.

Speaking of apps, since Inspecs salespeople visit the optician offices to showcase their new product lines to the doctors, they now come equipped with their very own sales rep ordering app, which features inventory counts, customer profiles, signature capture, CRM tools and more.

Product and price integration were important pieces for this business. With Cloudfy, they have improved their customer’s experience by allowing the customer to see products and pricing on the front end without logging in. When a customer logs in, they see their own customer-specific pricing based on their wholesale pricing agreement with Inspecs.

And the Cloudfy team worked in conjunction with the Inspecs marketing team to follow their brand guideline requirements and retain an consistent feel across all their customer touchpoints.

Do you need similar product ordering and pricing features to replace your offline purchase order process? If so, contact us today for a free demo.


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