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Tomy Toys Select Cloudfy’s B2B Ecommerce Platform with SAP ECC Integration

Tomy case study

Tomy, the world renowned Japanese entertainment company known for its children’s toys and merchandise, selected Cloudfy to modernize their European B2B ecommerce platform. Originally founded in 1924 and merged in 2006 with Takara, Tomy has been a global leader in children’s toys. Tomy has a strong heritage in technology, and as an early adopter of B2B ecommerce with twenty years in the field, has deep online trading experience.

The Opportunity

Tomy engaged Cloudfy to lead a project replacing their existing B2B ecommerce platform for the European business. Tomy wanted to reduce the total cost of ownership of their aging B2B ecommerce portal, find better ways to serve their customers online, modernize the technology stack and ensure robust and deep integration with SAP to better enable customer self-service.

Key Requirements

  • Improve customer self-service
  • Improve real-time customer information
  • Modernize the digital experience
  • Modernize the technology stack and reduce maintenance
  • Improve integration with SAP

The Cloudfy Approach

Tomy selected Cloudfy Enterprise as part of a competitive RFP process. The combination of Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce cloud architecture, prebuilt SAP ECC integration and a modern UX provided the perfect solution for Tomy to maintain and grow their B2B ecommerce business. Cloudfy provided the scalability to add additional sales regions and futureproofed the build with the potential to add more SAP integrations including SAP S/4HANA.

screenshot of Tomy login page

Improved Customer Experience

Above all, Cloudfy worked to deliver a seamless customer experience, migrating from the existing platform onto Cloudfy while enhancing the functionality available to Tomy customers. The Cloudfy user interface, built up over thousands of hours of user testing, provides a fast, efficient and intuitive experience to Tomy customers. Features like multi-user login, quick order, real time inventory and order templates all support improved customer order conversion rates.

Streamlined Workflows

Cloudfy also supported the marketing and editorial team by enabling them to update content and promotions with less friction than before, saving significant amounts of time. Cloudfy provides PIM functionality as standard, allowing the Tomy product teams to enrich content based on master data provided by SAP. Ultimately, Cloudfy can act as a hub to pass data on to other platforms if required in the future.

Cloudfy provides customer self-service functionality, meaning that customers can quickly access information online without having to call Tomy customer service, a feature that’s especially useful for anyone using the platform after hours. Conversely, this saves Tomy customer service time by not having to provide information for each and every interaction.

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