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Houseware Wholesaler Launches B2B Ecommerce Site with POS Integration

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EFG Wholesale Distribution Export is the largest independent trade-only wholesale business in the UK. They deal in housewares and consumer goods, providing over 50,000 product lines from over 1,000 brands to customers all across the UK. They approached Cloudfy looking for a B2B ecommerce software suited for the fast moving consumer goods they sell.

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View their B2B ecomm website

Key Features


EFG’s customers stock certain brands in their stores, and those stores needed the ability to quickly and easily find available items from their preferred brands on EFG’s website. With the Shop by Brands feature, visitors can click on the logo of their preferred brand and are presented with all the products EFG offers under that label.


EFG’s customers like to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the market. The Best Seller section was created to help retailers to know which fast-moving consumer goods are popular at other stores and to know what’s hot and fresh to consider ordering for themselves.


With additional category breakdowns and filtering options, customers can easily navigate through tens of thousands of products to find just what they’re searching for in little-to-no time at all.


For this project, Cloudfy integrated the B2B ecommerce software with an ERP called POS Epos Systems, one of the UK’s larger till systems. Through the connector, we’re able to pull in products, pricing and customer records and send the orders back the other way.

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