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Delice de France Chooses Cloudfy for B2B Ecommerce Growth 

Delice De France

Delice de France supplies fine frozen bakery goods, chilled items, beverages and ice cream to food services and retail partners. The award winning range of over 900 products includes speciality breads, burger carriers, savoury items, layer cakes and cookies. Hundreds of B2B orders are received every day, mainly from hotels and cafés across the UK and beyond.

At the forefront of innovation in the frozen bakery sector, the company is always looking for tasty new menu options. New products are created regularly based on invaluable market insights and customer preference data. Since its management buyout from previous owners ARYZTA in 2019 the company has launched over 50 new products.

Looking for a business partner to support its B2B ecommerce replatforming plans Delice de France chose Cloudfy to deliver a new scalable solution.


Solution:  B2B ecommerce replatforming

Integration: Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations (F&O)

Features: Sales order management, delivery configuration, secure payments

The Challenge

The new site needed to deliver outstanding user experiences with strong branding, easy navigation and simple ordering.

Fulfilling last-minute orders to meet customer needs is a common challenge throughout the food & beverage sector. The company recognized the need for a new B2B ecommerce platform to manage time-sensitive ordering for over 21,000 customer accounts.

They wanted fast and easy trade-only ordering tools that could also improve the efficiency of in-house order handling. Delivery customization and delivery route rules for registered customers mostly based in the UK was essential. Streamlining the order-to-cash (O2C) process, simplifying and automating administration and scalability were internal priorities.

With a large dynamic product catalog, it was important for the in-house team to manage the site themselves.

Our Approach

The Cloudfy team likes to see itself as an online enabler for clients. It quickly became clear Delice de France needed the right tools to handle very high order volumes at peak times. Managing the logistics of deliveries across the country involved tight ordering windows for customers in different locations.

To maintain their frozen and chilled products in top condition delivery timing, monitoring and tracking were essential. As a key part of new product development, collecting information about customer choices and preferences was an important requirement. Allowing customers to compare similar options online before placing their orders provides valuable insights.

In a cost-sensitive sector, flexible pricing tools were needed along with comprehensive product information management.

Delice donnut

The Solution

To achieve the seamless customer experiences the company needed to make good use of existing customer information. The project included transferring records and purchase histories so customer ordering and reordering was easy and seamless. Peak order volumes are now handled simply and effectively, helping to sell more and reduce costs by supporting customer self-service.

The stunning new look and feel for the site reflects the unique Delice de France branding and showcases the delicious products. With all-new product images and an easy to use layout, it’s a pleasure to browse and purchase. The ‘compare’ feature allows customers to cross reference up to three similar products before making their choices.

To help recruit the brightest and best into the Delice de France team there’s also an attractive vacancies page. This is supported by testimonies from current employees.

The contact page simplifies customer enquiries with clear options from new account enquiries to delivery details.

Cloudfy’s out-of-the-box custom pricing rules encourage online self-service ordering and provide accurate contracted prices. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations (F&O) streamlines the process for frictionless customer journeys. In-house teams can immediately see the details of online orders and customers can check their account details at any time. Varied pricing based on purchase volume, frequency or pre-negotiated discounts is easy to apply. Minimum order quantities or values for specific products, packs or cases are straightforward to set up.

Next Steps

One of the next steps is to introduce electronic data interchange (EDI) and PunchOut capabilities for larger Delice de France customers. Automated EDI ordering processes will speed things up and improve accuracy and efficiency by reducing human errors. PunchOut allows customers to host a bespoke Delice de France catalog within their own purchasing system to streamline procurement.

Additional advanced B2B ecommerce personalisation and marketing features will also support the company’s objectives for growth.

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