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Website Upgrade for this UK Sporting Goods Wholesaler

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UK based Sporting Wholesale sells outdoor sporting goods to retailers that cater to sporting enthusiasts. They sell complete lines of fishing products, bows and crossbows, and hunting knives, along with accessories to go with these products. And they distribute these goods to retail store operators all across Europe.

The Challenge

Their retail partners are very stock-sensitive and so S.W. needed a B2B ecommerce portal for wholesalers that could handle large amounts of traffic because when items come back-in-stock, S.W. gets inundated with orders from hundreds of their retail clients who need to replenish their shelves right away.

They also needed their website to reflect multi-tiered quantity break pricing. Orders must meet either a minimum quantity or a minimum order value, and those requirements must be met before the order is allowed to be submitted.

Sporting Wholesalers
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The Solution

Williams Commerce, the parent company to Cloudfy, originally built a bespoke website for Sporting Wholesale. This time around, Cloudfy built an upgraded version of the site and transferred all the items over to their new ecommerce platform.

Now, S.W.’s customers can order items individually or in bulk, and the website will show the price point and minimum quantity for each type of purchase.

Also, their new website now responds quickly and efficiently when customers place order en masse.

Their retail partners can download catalogs to print out and share in their meetings so they can discuss which products to purchase and distribute to their customers.

We also made it easy for S.W.’s customers to be able to download product descriptions, specs, and images for use in their own B2C websites and marketing materials.

Finally, their new site integrates with their ERP system, Interprise, via an API connection. We were also able to integrate their site with their payment gateway, to create a smooth checkout process.

If you are looking for a feature-rich B2B ecommerce solution to help you simplify, save and scale your wholesale business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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