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Give your clients a truly custom UX to improve engagement and boost conversion rates

Customized B2B Experiences Drive Sales and Loyalty

Best-in-Class Personalized Customer Experiences for Your B2B Ecommerce Store

For suppliers and distributors with robust catalogs and countless SKUs, navigating your goods can be a daunting challenge for even your most web-savvy client. If you’re unable to provide them a smooth, fast and custom tailored shopping, you risk your customers jumping ship to your competitors who offer a more efficient, more personalized user experience in their B2B ecommerce store.

By providing your clients a bespoke UX, you prove to them that you truly value them and their time and money by making their jobs easier, and this drives further engagement with your business. From custom category menus to restricted product offerings to unique homepages and dashboard experiences, your Cloudfy site can be easily adjusted to cater to different audiences – resulting in greater customer satisfaction and stronger sales.


Enhance B2B Ecommerce Personalized Customer Experiences

Your B2B clients have specific needs, and their purchases reflect that. Not all clients buy the same products or even need to see all the products you offer. Cloudfy lets you define customer groups so that you control information like products, promotions, prices, or content to help you share the right information with the right client at the right time. You can offer personalized UX based on the following:

Custom product catalogs show specific clients your products that are available exclusively for them. If you have certain products that you produce only for specific clients, then you can set up a custom product catalog so that those clients—and only those clients—can see and purchase those items.

Cloudfy’s custom category menus give your clients two options: a focused view that allows them to see only the purchases they make regularly, or the entire catalog. Custom category menus simplify the purchasing process by giving your clients a selected set of items from the overall catalog that only they would want to order. Clients can switch to the overall catalog to see everything on the site if they want to make a purchase that is not in their list of usual purchases.

Create a custom client experience by developing a dedicated homepage for each client. After the client logs in, they will see products and promotions relevant to their purchasing needs, along with special greetings, regional contact information, calls to action, and imagery that speaks directly to their unique needs.

With custom “My Account” (aka. dashboard) page experiences, you can present different features to different clients and users. Clients will see only the features they have access to and that are relevant to them.

Cloudfy’s comprehensive custom pricing tools allow you to create custom pricing based on different tiers of clients. Pricing rules are pulled from the integrated ERP and are tailored to each tier, including individuals, customer groups, or all individuals.

Promotions can be shared via the Cloudfy app or email. Develop custom promotions for different clients and tag them so that the appropriate promotions are presented to the right clients.

Cloudfy can help you provide a personalized experience every time a client visits your site. By using available client data such as order history, browsing behavior, and demographics, Cloudfy integrates with your ERP to gather the client data you need to provide fully customized online buying experiences for your clients. In addition, your sales representatives have access to this information so that they can improve your clients’ purchasing experiences by sharing special promotions and other items of interest.

To find out how your B2B store can benefit from a powerful ecommerce software with best-in-class custom client experiences, contact us today to schedule your free Cloudfy demo.


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