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Simplify, save and scale by launching multiple customized storefronts built around a single ecommerce hub

B2B Ecommerce Multi-Storefronts

With Cloudfy multi-storefront functionality you can meet the needs of multiple audiences, support your plans for international growth, and promote specific products to different market sectors.

What is multi-site ecommerce?

More traditional online businesses might build a single ecommerce site for a specific purpose. However, for companies that sell to multiple sectors or sell internationally, a more flexible approach is required that can still be operated efficiently.

Multi-storefront ecommerce functionality allows you to launch and manage multiple stores from a single platform. This overcomes the challenges of synchronizing and maintaining multiple sites, inventory, and business processes. It’s even possible to create a specific storefront for each major customer.

Bespoke sites can include tailored designs, product ranges, pricing, and exclusive offers and promotions.


Multiple Brands

If you're a large operation selling multiple brands, you may want to offer unique purchasing experiences around your brands while still keeping your tech stack to a minimum.

Niche Markets

If you're selling your products to multiple niche markets, you can optimize your conversion rates with highly focused websites, optimized for specific product categories.

B2B & D2C Sales

When you're managing both B2B and D2C sales, you may find it beneficial to create two different sites, each with user experiences geared towards each of your audiences.

Global Selling

You can create multiple ecommerce storefronts to display products that are relevant for different countries using the local languages, pricing and currencies.


Better UX

By operating multiple storefronts, you can give each buying audience a fully tailored and streamlined user experience and increase customer satisfaction as a result.

Cost Savings

While you are selling to distinct market sectors you can also improve efficiency through centralized order management. And by keeping the size of your tech stack to a minimum.

S.E.O. Boost

When you promote specific groups of products on their own independent website, the focused content will help your search engine rank and brand your business as a specialist provider.

Custom Promotions

Using microsites, you can better target your marketing and promotions to your clients based on their unique buying habits. And you can even build microsites for your retail clients to optimize their sales.


Manage all your storefronts from one master portal - updating product information once to share across all your sites. This helps you streamline and control fulfillment, customer service, and shipping processes.


You can streamline processes and effectively integrate with other business systems such as product information management, content management, inventory management, ERP and CRM.


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