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Cloudfy’s Site Navigation and User Interface Features

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Cloudfy is designed to deliver a streamlined and hassle free user journey through a powerful on-site search facility and a well thought through user interface, offering built in functionality purpose built for busy trade buyers.

Here’s our round up of some of the best in class functionality you can expect from Cloudfy.

Site Search
Users can search for products quickly and easily using Cloudfy’s enhanced site search.  Search by product titles, SKUs, descriptions and EAN numbers to bring back an accurate match creating a smooth and efficient buying journey for online buyers.

Search Results Tuning
Using Cloudfy’s powerful Content Management System, internal admin teams can view the search results and search terms from within the CMS and further tune search by linking search terms to products.  A great tool for the marketing team to gain intelligence from the most popular search terms and continue to refine and optimise the search functionality.

Breadcrumb Navigation
A standard feature on almost all ecommerce websites, breadcrumb trails are a conventional way for users to quickly identify where they are within the site navigation. Cloudfy’s breadcrumb navigation is automatically creating using the product and category hierarchy.

Mega Menu
An optimized menu structure can help users reduce the time needed to navigate the site. Cloudfy’s powerful mega menu feature can display both categories and sub-categories in a large menu view and can be switched on or off and replaced with a standard category navigation as preferred.

Faceted Navigation and Product Filtering
Fantastic functionality offered by Cloudfy that will help customers find product quickly and easily.  Common product filters may include Price, color, size and brand and filtered results form part of the URL which in turn will enable Google to index and improve site search performance.

Multi-select Filter Combinations
Visitors to a Cloudfy website can select multiple filter combinations to browse any number of categories quickly and efficiently.  The useful expand and collapse functionality on the category filters can be applied to expand when in use or collapse when not in use across filters including price, color, brand and size.

Product Listing Configuration
Cloudfy admin users can use the CMS to configure their site to display product information as required and for both logged in and logged out customers.  Ideal for those businesses adopting a hybrid B2B/D2C strategy on the one ecommerce platform, that is capable of serving both trade and retail customers.

Shop By Brand
Buy Trade Buyers may prefer to shop by brand and Cloudfy is capable of offering Shop by brand on the main menu.  Admin users simply add brands to Cloudfy and link them to products using Cloudfy’s brand management system.  Offering a variety of ways to find products makes a site easier to navigate and can help improve conversion rates.

To find out more about Cloudfy’s powerful suite of ecommerce functionality built specifically for trade buyers, contact us today to request your free demo.

Cloudfy comes out-of-the-box with pre-built ERP System Integrations so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a simple, routine configuration task. This turn-key dynamic expedites your time-to-launch and keeps your setup and maintenance costs way down.

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Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies

Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies

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