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Ecommerce Veteran Tom Keane Joins the Cloudfy Team

Tom and the Irish Prime Minister

Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce is thrilled to announce the addition of our newest team member, ecomm industry veteran and thought-leader, and all-around nice guy, Tom Keane.

Tom spent the last 15 years of his career building a best-in-breed B2C e-commerce solution for retailers called Nitrosell which was acquired in 2021 by the Volaris Group division of Constellation Software Inc.

After initially retiring, Tom decided he wanted to take the knowledge and skills he developed in B2C software sales and become a consultant helping companies in the B2B side of the market.

Tom meets Steve Balmer
Tom has spent time with Steve Ballmer, the then Microsoft CEO, who invited Tom to join a panel of international SaaS advisors to guide Microsoft's move to the cloud.

When asked what brought him to Cloudfy, Tom says “I was working with one particular company and I analyzed how they fit into the marketplace and who were their 15 closest competitors. I examined the systems they were using and decided that I really loved  what was happening in the B2B space and the potential for growth and wanted to get involved in the industry so I narrowed the list down to the six best software solutions, of which Cloudfy was one. And when I compared them all, there was one that was head and shoulders above all the rest, and that was Cloudfy. In fact, when I finished my research, three of the companies that I had spoken with offered me a job, including Cloudfy. And I thought to myself, if God wanted to design a job that’s perfect for me, this is it because I found this company has the right culture, with an absolutely incredible solution and an amazing team. And I love the fact that it’s a division within the Williams Commerce group of companies, and a client can go to one division and they can provide this group of highly-complimentary sister companies to solve the client’s needs in case they do need an alternative solution in the ecommerce space.”

Ecommerce Veteran Tom Keane Joins the Cloudfy Team
Tom does his sales roadshow in style in his favorite Ford Mustang!

Tom’s motto is that being successful in businesses is all about making happy customers. Tom says “Success is not selling your solution to a customer. Success is solving the customer’s problems and any merchant in the B2B sector can find what they need in the Williams Commerce group of companies, but for B2B companies that need a best in class solution, Cloudfy is head and shoulders above the others.

Welcome Tom, the rest of us on the Cloudfy team are just as excited to work with you and learn from you as you are to join us!

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