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What Are The Benefits Of Headless B2B Ecommerce?

What Are The Benefits Of Headless B2B Ecommerce?

Headless B2B ecommerce gives you the freedom to be as flexible and creative as you like with the customer-facing side of your ecommerce business.

Traditionally, changing the information or experience delivered to your buyers involved updates to databases, coding and web design, so even a small change became a significant business risk.

Software as a Service (SaaS) ecommerce platforms in the Cloud, like Cloudfy, have already given developers greater freedom to unleash the power of application programming interfaces (APIs) to quickly create, test and deploy innovative new approaches.

Headless commerce takes this one step further, allowing the presentation layer of an ecommerce platform to be updated completely separately.

How could headless B2B ecommerce help your business?


The flexibility of headless ecommerce is delivered by something called Representational State Transfer (REST), which was developed in 2000 as part of a doctoral thesis.

REST allows website developers to create APIs, known as RESTful APIs, without being tied to the background libraries or software.

This leaves them free to quickly and efficiently create solutions to meet almost any buyer experience requirement consistently across multiple channels.

The business can choose best of breed solutions for content management, payment compliance, stock management and distribution, all of which can be effectively integrated behind the scenes.

Development choice

With a headless approach, you can choose developers with the best skills to create the buyer experience you want. They don’t need to know the detail of your background systems.

This can save you time and money and make your business really agile; creating, testing and launching the best and latest innovative approaches really quickly.

Renew without re-engineering

For many B2B companies, the behind-the-scenes systems and processes represent up to 85% of their software development investment.

Once you can enhance your buyers’ experiences without affecting these pillars of your business, you can start to think in new ways about customer service and support. Your innovative new solutions can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

Re-imagine your buyer interface

If your business has complex processes and established systems, then headless ecommerce will allow your developers to create a unique user experience tailored precisely to your business needs.

You might be looking for opportunities to respond to evolving customer needs by delivering a B2C style experience. You could be looking to extend the relationship with your customers with added value services that use devices and sensors connected to your products. Or, you could be looking for a new competitive advantage by revolutionizing your ordering processes.

User experience

In many cases, the ecommerce interfaces for system administrators and buyers are constrained by the platform you use, which often involves compromise.

Headless ecommerce allows you to define the experience you want to deliver to meet the specific needs of all your users, internally and externally.

Talk to one of our experts today about how headless ecommerce could work for your business.

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