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Get Your Free Guide – Top 10 Reasons Cloudfy is the Solution for B2B Ecommerce in a Recession

B2B Ecommerce During A Recession

If You are Struggling with B2B ecommerce during a recession? And, want to know the Top 10 reasons why Cloudfy is the solution? Check here!

Cloudfy is the appropriate answer for B2B e-commerce companies battling to stay afloat during a downturn. It unifies all aspects of the company into one platform, increasing productivity and efficiency. Businesses may capitalize on opportunities and create enhanced
client experiences by using improved sales tools such as customer purchase information and customization tools.

Download the free guide to learn why and how Cloudfy is the ideal B2B ecommerce platform for your business. There are the 10 ways we can help your B2B business make the best of the
recession, including:

  • How do you automate a B2B business?
  • Does Cloudfy Provide ERP and EDI, and Is Integration Possible?
  • How Cloudfy helps you simplify, save and scale your business?
  • What makes Cloudfy one-stop solution for b2b ecommerce?
  • And much more……

Grab your free copy now to find out how Cloudfy, B2B e-commerce businesses can help to navigate a recession with ease, focusing on core operations while the platform takes care of the rest.

Get Your Free Guide


Your Cloudfy setup comes complete with a rich slate of automation tools and customer self-service features designed to minimize the reliance on your staff for routine tasks. Less admin burden, simpler IT stack, and smoother customer experiences – all out-of-the-box in a fast, turn-key setup.

SAVE $$$

Boost your bottom line by lowering your IT costs and reducing your admin expenses. Cloudfy’s automation tools can slash your processing costs and eliminate multiple software licenses. Plus, you benefit from the IT savings of a done-for-you SaaS solution over pricey in-house development.


Your Cloudfy solution includes the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features for multi-national distribution that can be switched on as your business scales and your needs adapt: EDI ordering, Punchout, Multi-Store Configurations, Multi-Warehousing, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual and so much more.

ERP Systems Integration

Cloudfy comes out-of-the-box with pre-built ERP System Integrations so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a simple, routine configuration task. This turn-key dynamic expedites your time-to-launch and keeps your setup and maintenance costs way down.

B2B Ecommerce ERP



Streamline your operation, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate your quote-to-cash cycle by giving your clients their own easy-access portal to tackle any-and-all routine requests including:
Mobile Sales Person App-9

Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


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Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies


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