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Why B2B Ecommerce Is An Anticipated Growth Area

On average, today’s business to business (B2B) buyers are under 35 – in other words, they are Millennials who have grown up with the internet. This could explain why the number of B2B purchases made online has increased by 25% … Read More

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What You Can Learn During A Free Demo From Cloudfy

Manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses around the world have already discovered the power of Cloud-based ecommerce platforms and Cloudfy is one of the preferred solutions for market leaders. Now that you’re ready to take the next step for the growth … Read More

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The importance of looking after existing B2B customers

As a B2B business, or any business for that matter, a key part of your strategy likely centres around attracting and acquiring new customers. But there’s a risk that businesses can become somewhat one-track minded and devote so much time … Read More