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What You Can Learn During A Free Demo From Cloudfy

What You Can Learn During A Free Demo From Cloudfy

Manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses around the world have already discovered the power of Cloud-based ecommerce platforms and Cloudfy is one of the preferred solutions for market leaders.

Now that you’re ready to take the next step for the growth of your business, you’ll want to take a thorough look at the options available to you. We highly we recommend that one of the first things you do is take advantage of our free Cloudfy demonstration.

We would like to show you the power of a platform that has been specifically designed for business to business (B2B) ecommerce from the outset and which benefits from at least four major updates a year, all delivered via the Cloud.

Based on 10 years of experience, we are confident that we have created a best or breed, fit-for-purpose B2B ecommerce platform. And, because it’s all delivered for a monthly fee covering everything you will need to run your online business, it’s easy to manage as part of your operational plan.

Here are just some of the things you will discover during our free demonstration.

You can be ready in weeks, not months

Speed was one of our first priorities for Cloudfy. Because we have successfully run ecommerce businesses, we know that the market just won’t wait for months for a new ecommerce platform to be designed, built and launched.

That’s why all the functionality you expect to find on a leading ecommerce platform is ready to go, straight out of the box. There are integrations with the major business systems and a powerful application programming interface (API) for anything that isn’t already available. This means that your pricing, orders and stock data can all be integrated smoothly with your back-office systems.

No need to pay for capacity you don’t need

You don’t have to worry about servers, hosting and capacity. As a Cloud-based platform, Cloudfy is fast and scalable. A Cloudfy solution allows you to manage peak demand when you need it.

Full control of your content and marketing

With Cloudfy’s intuitive management system you can control your B2B ecommerce site easily. It can be styled to match your brand and you can easily manage your content, products, images and newsletters. Special offers and promotions can be set up and delivered easily. Because Cloudfy delivers a fully responsive platform, everything will look great on mobile devices too.

Self-service for your customers

Many of your customers will want the option of self-service, with real-time product availability and technical information that’s easy to download. You can make it easy for them to find what they need with interactive catalogues, predictive search and product filtering. They can place repeat orders or talk to your sales and customer services teams when they want to and then go back to your site to complete their transaction.

Personalization and customization

With an easy log-in facility you can create really bespoke user experiences from the very first screen. Your site can welcome your customers back and make recommendations for them based on their previous buying histories, preferences and payment arrangements.

And there’s plenty more to come…

We’re always developing Cloudfy to make it the best possible ecommerce platform.

We’re currently working on multiple storefronts for our international customers, brands, retailers and distributors.

You can also look out for enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) options, configure price quote (CPQ), machine learning and even better personalization.

There’s much more to discover too, so book your free Cloudfy demonstration today.

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