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NetSuite vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 – choosing the right ERP solution for your business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential to the success of complex businesses. There’s no doubt that successful B2B ecommerce companies are in this category. The tool you choose to manage and integrate your processes has to be right for you … Read More

foodcare website on Cloudfy shown in mobile devices

Cloudfy’s NetSuite Integration for B2B Ecommerce Solution

To fully realise the opportunities of ecommerce for your business, integration with your other business systems should be included in your plans. Whether you already use NetSuite to run your business operations or are looking for a solution that will … Read More

Cloudfy's page designer feature in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight #11 – Page Designer

One of Cloudfy’s key features is flexible, responsive page design. Your brand is so much more than your logo; it applies to every aspect of your business and presenting it effectively online is increasingly important. B2B buyers prefer to make their online … Read More

example of Cloudfy's custom product options feature in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight #10 – Custom Product Options

Providing customer choice delivers added value. You can increase sales and revenue dramatically by allowing your customers to create exactly the products they want. Whether customers are ordering extra options for a computer or specifying mattresses to suit different body shapes, … Read More

a person using a laptop potentially for the configure price quote cpq functionality

Cloudfy feature spotlight #9 – CPQ Configure Price Quote

If you manufacture or distribute customised products, your business can benefit from configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology. Providing prices quickly and confidently for complex products to meet rapidly-changing buyer requirements is becoming an essential tool in the B2B ecommerce market. Enabling … Read More