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B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: Magento vs Cloudfy

Cloudfy, the cloud B2B Ecommerce platform has established itself as a leader in B2B Ecommerce through on demand quick deployment, easy configuration and it’s rich functionality. When looking for a B2B Ecommerce solution their are many in the market to consider.. One of the widest used platforms is Magento, with over 250,000 sites live. Magento is an open source and powerful platform which can be adapted to customers requirements. So how does Cloudfy stack up again Magento and why choose one platform over the other.

Benefits of Cloudfy Ecommerce

Built for B2B Ecommerce
Cloudfy has been designed from the ground up to deliver a perfect B2B Ecommerce experience optimized from design, user experience and backoffice management. The differences between B2B ecommerce and retail while on the surface appear similar B2B ecommerce platforms serve a different customer and purchasing profile. Features such as Quick Order, Category Page Ordering, Customer specific pricing, systems integration are included as standard. Cloudfy continuous development and addition of new features means that Cloudfy is always a step ahead giving you a significant competitive advantage.
Cloud Ecommerce
Cloudfy is a single cloud based ecommerce platform. That means it doesn’t have to be setup on servers by a web agency, it is completely self contained and scales up and down depending on demand. Changes, fixes and new functionality are deployed to all customers at once allowing customers to keep up with the latest features and functionality. Customers can leave the support, maintenance and ongoing management of their B2B Ecommerce platform to Cloudfy.
B2B Ecommerce, Support, New Functionality all for a Monthly Fee
We understand cashflow can be critical to all businesses, and rather than a large capital outlay on a new ecommerce project, Cloudfy is simply based on a pay monthly service. As part of the monthly subscription you receive the Cloudfy platform, support, hosting and constant upgrades and new functionality.
Configuration vs customization
Cloudfy has been extensively designed to allow the user to easily configure the site with many different features such as changeable home page designs, layouts, product data, tax configuration, systems integration without the need for customization and expensive time consuming development.
Upgrades, News Features and Continuous Improvement
Cloudfy has a team of specialists constantly adding new features, and because it is Cloud based they are deployed to all customers all the time without the need for complex and expensive upgrades. Customers can request new functionality in addition to features the Cloudfy team see as beneficial. This collaborative approach leads to a strong and vibrant community alongside a great cloud B2B ecommerce platform.

Benefits of Magento

Open Source
Magento is the most widely used Ecommerce platform in the world, and this is down to the fact it is free and contains a great set of features. At the heart Magento is an Open Source platform meaning anyone can download it, modify it and use it to build their ecommerce store. while it is free, it takes an expert to set it up and configure it.
Large Customer Base and Developer Community
Magento, as a result of being free since it’s launch in 2008 runs over 250,000 ecommerce sites. As a result their is a vibrant customer and developer community working with Magento. Customers are using Magento in ways they never imagined due to it’s highly customizable design. Our sister company Williams Commerce have been delivering Magento B2B Ecommerce and Retail Ecommerce sites for many years for a range of customers. Such is the strength of the Magento brand, Magento is often requested as the solution even before there is an understanding of the ecommerce requirement. A large developer and ecommerce agency community means customers have a great deal of choice who can support and develop their Magento B2B Ecommerce site.
Extension Market Place
A great feature of Magento is Magento Connect, with over 10,000 modules Magento Connect offers customers an easy way of adding new functionality to their B2B ecommerce store with minimal cost. A challenge this model has is maintaining security and quality across all the plugins and extensions, chosen carefully from reputable providers Magento extensions and plugins from Magento connect offer a fantastic and flexible way to extend your B2B Ecommerce store.
Continuous Improvement
Magento actively work on improving Magento all the time with new features, security, performance. Keeping your Magento site up to date and secure is critical to ensure stability but also take advantage of new features. Magento have a roadmap of improvements and plans going forward.

While the list is not exhaustive, we hope it gives you a flavor of some of the features of these great ecommerce platforms. For more information get in touch.
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