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B2B Sales Optimization: Converting Cart Abandoners into Loyal Customers

B2B Sales Optimization_ Converting Cart Abandoners into Loyal Customers

Not every B2B buyer will complete their online purchase. In fact, as many as seven out of 10 might leave without selecting the all-important ‘buy’ option. Anything you can do to help them complete their buying journey will make your buyer’s life easier and increase sales.

With Cloudfy’s powerful B2B ecommerce functionality you can convert website visitors who don’t immediately complete their orders into loyal customers.

With easy ordering tools those abandoned carts can turn into valuable sales. Cloudfy’s efficient, error-free, and straightforward ordering experiences increase conversions, customer satisfaction and retention.

Automated processes can immediately send emails and offers to help you complete more deals. Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce software comes with out-of-the-box B2B ecommerce features and processes designed to build client relationships and long-term business.

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Why customers abandon carts?

why customers abandon carts

Many abandoned carts are simply a symptom of how users browse B2B ecommerce sites. Many aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. They are carrying out research, making price comparisons, saving items for later, and looking for offers.

However, studies show other significant reasons for abandoned carts include compulsory registration before purchase and complex checkout processes. Unexpected shipping and other costs, slow delivery timescales, unsatisfactory returns policies and limited payment options can all have an impact.

Simply changing some of your terms and conditions could improve conversion rates. Other options include discounts, tailored payment options, and loyalty rewards.

When you take a complete view of your buyer’s journey you can add key measures to encourage immediate purchases. You’ll reduce abandoned carts and increase repeat sales.

How to reduce abandoned carts?

To reduce abandoned shopping carts, optimize the user experience by simplifying the checkout process, minimizing distractions, and offering guest checkout. Implement clear and transparent pricing, provide visible trust signals like security badges, and offer multiple payment options. Utilize retargeting emails to remind users of their items, along with personalized incentives such as discounts or free shipping. Enhance mobile-friendliness and site speed to cater to different devices and preferences. Implement exit-intent pop-ups with enticing offers, and continuously gather and analyze user feedback to improve any pain points. Regularly test and refine these strategies to create a seamless shopping journey and decrease cart abandonment rates. Check the most vital parameters below.

Streamline checkouts

Streamline checkouts1

When they make their business purchases B2B buyers expect high-quality purchasing experiences to match their personal online shopping journeys. Most follow the same steps. They visit product pages, select items, go to the cart, and review their choices, shipping, billing and payment information. Finally, they confirm their order, make their payment, and receive an acknowledgement.

All these steps are needed to complete an order but there are a lot of opportunities to improve the experience for your customers. You can increase your sales by minimizing delays, reducing multiple click-throughs and removing barriers.

Offer discounts

Offer discounts

You probably have a carefully planned pricing structure so you might feel discounts are a problem. However, when you want to encourage a new customer to make their first purchase they can be helpful. Afterall, you’ll need to capture information about them, their shipping requirements and payment preferences before they buy. A ‘welcome’ discount can encourage them to complete the process and register instead of abandoning their cart.

Discounts can reward loyal customers for every tenth purchase, for example, or when they order a certain number of products. Returning visitors will appreciate receiving an unexpected discount when they place their order. You can add a pop-up message to tell them you value their custom. It could be all they need to complete their order quickly. It might even encourage them to buy more or complementary items.

When you can easily apply custom pricing rules you’ll encourage your buyers to place more online orders. You can show them their own contracted prices along with relevant discounts. You can control pricing from your integrated enterprise (ERP) system or directly from a purpose designed B2B platform like Cloudfy.

Bundle offers

Your buyers want to place bulk orders. When you understand their buying history you can offer them special offers for bundles of their most frequently bought items. Easy product listing templates can define the different types of products, single products, bundles or selectable items. You can showcase more complex product information or sale and promotional items. It’s the perfect way to reduce your abandoned cart rate and increase average order values.

Recommend related products

You’ll further reduce your abandoned cart rate when you provide helpful information about products frequently bought together. Your buyers are busy, so they’ll appreciate your help in reducing the additional searches they must make for related items. Cross-selling can encourage them to buy products they might not know you provide, helping you to build customer loyalty. Upselling and cross selling are both effective ways of converting your visitors into customers.

Run a loyalty program

Run a loyalty program

It will cost you much less to retain your existing customers than win new ones. Prioritising customer loyalty is a good strategy. An easy to use loyalty point scheme on your B2B ecommerce site encourages repeat orders. Your regular customers can then redeem their points for discounts, free shipping or other benefits.

You can collect valuable information on the rewards your customers choose to refine the program over time. Spending and lifetime value will increase and you can tailor special offers to keep your orders at the right levels.

Provide payment options

Provide payment options

Your B2B customers expect a frictionless purchasing process. They want to choose the most convenient payment method when they place their order. B2B purchases are often complex, so different clients want different payment methods. You’ll want to make sure every option meets your payment terms and conditions.

This might include payment in advance for new customers until they establish a good payment record. For regular customers you might offer ‘on account’ payments, bank payments or credit card facilities.

Manually tailoring payment methods for each client requires significant administration. Alternatively, you can automatically offer customers bespoke payment options when you integrate your B2B ecommerce platform and back-office business systems.

You can even include an aged debt view so customers can pay their balance before placing a new order.


Your B2B ecommerce site showcases your products and provides valuable information for your customers. However, when your visitors don’t complete their purchases, you’ve lost valuable sales opportunities. With the right online tools and well-planned strategies, you can increase conversions and build customer loyalty.

Book a free Cloudfy demonstration to find out how you can reduce abandoned carts and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many abandon carts due to research, price comparison, or saving items for later. Other reasons include complex checkouts, unexpected costs, slow delivery times, and limited payment options.

Streamline checkouts, offer discounts for first-time buyers, create bundle offers, recommend related products, run a loyalty program, and provide diverse payment options to enhance the user experience and encourage purchases.

Offering discounts, especially to new customers, can incentivize them to complete their purchase. Bundle offers for frequently bought items provide value and encourage larger orders, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

A loyalty program encourages repeat orders and customer retention. Customers can earn points for rewards, discounts, and benefits, motivating them to complete purchases and remain loyal to your B2B brand.

Cloudfy offers a comprehensive solution for B2B e-commerce success. From streamlined checkouts to loyalty program integration, Cloudfy's expert tools and strategies can help convert cart abandoners into loyal customers. Book a free demonstration to learn more!

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