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Cloudfy Ecommerce FAQs

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Understand Cloudfy Ecommerce

We thought we would combine a few frequently asked questions to help you understand Cloudfy Ecommerce.

Why the Cloud?

We hear more and more about the cloud. Simply put the cloud is an internet solution which ensures your website does not exist in a single place on a single server, rather is deployed across multiple servers to ensure the highest level of availability and scalability. Rather than worry about hosting and servers, patching and support, Cloudfy solution grows with our customers ecommerce demands.

Who are Cloudfy?

Cloudfy are experts in B2B Ecommerce. Cloudfy have worked with many well known wholesalers, importers and manufacturers since 2008, many on their 2nd and 3rd generation ecommerce sites. Cloudfy saw a trend to provide a low cost scaleable B2B ecommerce solution to reduce the large capital investment needed to build a custom B2B ecommerce site and provide something which leverages functionality across many customers.

Who maintains my website?

Cloudfy provides an easy to use interface allowing you, our customer to manage your website end to end. We provide the support and underlying platform, but you are able to change any content, prices, customer information through WCL Cloudfy to allow you to manage your site on a daily basis. And we are always available for support if needed.

How do I manage my website?

Cloudfy has an easy to use intuitive interface which you can log into securely and manage your site. And if you need any support we are only a phone call or email away.

What happens if there is a problem on my website?

Cloudfy is monitored and supported 24/7, so the chances are we would spot a problem before you. And using our unique platform and technology able to resolve issues quickly against our agreed service levels.

Can I customize my website design?

Yes, Cloudfy allows you to change colours, fonts, logos, banners and content of your site, but at this stage you cannot alter the layout in any way. We’re working on that, and we hope in the near future to be able to offer our customers additional customisation of their sites.

Is Cloudfy Trade only – The registration page requires trade details, can the required fields be changed if we want to sell to the public?

We are working on a retail / B2C Ecommerce extension where you can set ‘Non logged in’ price.

Is there a test account we can use to login to the Cloudfy site? Some of the functionality can only be viewed when logged in.

Yes please contact our sales team here and we can provide details.

Which boxes on the home page are editable?

All of them apart from the login panel in the centre.

Can we set different shipping rates? Can the system deal with orders to Ireland i.e. where we don’t charge VAT

Either taken from Cloudfy or directly in the back office system. You can define it down to postcode UK and international + weight and size. E.g. Over 30kg to Isle of Wight is a different price to 30kg to Southampton. Or by order value. E.g. Over £600 is x to Northern Ireland. And yes VAT is configured by Country.

Is there an address lookup on the ordering page?

The system will lookup addresses from Cloudfy, but it won’t validate or check postcodes yet. This may be something to consider for the future but usually incurs a charge per lookup.

How do you host Cloudfy sites?

Yes, Cloudfy is a cloud hosted solution within the price and it will be part of our Cloud infrastructure, so there is no single point of failure. Your site will be hosted on multiple servers and backed up remotely.

Is there a limit on sub categories from main category drop downs?

Currently it is limited to 3 levels and we don’t recommend more than this. So Category, Sub Category and Sub Sub Category.

We can currently put products in more than one category on the website, will this still be possible with Cloudfy?

Yes this will be possible, no limit.

How often/when does the website get updates from the ERP system?

Some updates are realtime, but on average every 15 minutes.

What data can the website collect such as baskets?

Yes we collect a huge amount of data through Google Analytics and also within the management system Top Products, Top Customers, Average Order Value, Total Sales, Sales per month.

What can customers view in their online account?

Product, pricing, order history, aged debt, repeat my last order, specific promotions

Will customers be able to view all their orders from our ERP system or only web orders?

Yes all orders in the previous 12 months. Further available.

Can Google Analytics be added?

Yes as standard. Simply enter the Google account number into the interface

What are the service level agreements for resolving issues?

·         PriorityDescriptionResponse timeTarget Resolution time
UrgentThe Website is inoperable (or critical functions of the Website are inoperable, e.g. payment), i.e. anything that materially affects Customer processing transactions through the Website30 minutes4 hours
HighImportant areas of the Website are inoperable (i.e. not working but not adversely affecting normal business process)1 hour8 hours
MediumThe request is not critical and the Website can operate for normal business (i.e. minor fault, minimum impact)4 hours3 Business Days
LowAll others (i.e. cosmetic changes)1 Business Day7 Business Days

What are the service level agreements for hosting uptime?

99.95% Uptime. We achieve in excess of this and have hosted many customers for over 6 years without issue.

What content is controllable by us, you and none changeable?

All text and static content, option to add pages coming shortly. Banners, Addresses, Delivering, VAT, products, pricing, categories, SEO meta data. You should not need us for any of the daily management of the site.

What is the process for changing content?

Through the secure back-office system included

What is your development roadmap for the next year and 3 years?

Here are a few in progress and planned!

  • Multiple choice homepages, user controlled
  • Site Design multiple templates, user controlled
  • Retail Sales / Retail Site
  • Multiple Storefronts, with different currencies and languages
  • Loyalty Points
  • Extended merchandising and voucher codes
  • PayPal Credit integration (PayPal offering credit for larger purchases)
  • Amazon Pay Integration
  • Dotmailer, Feefo integration
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