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Cloudfy expands North American presence with new appointment


At Cloudfy, we’re looking to help more companies globally take advantage of our B2B ecommerce platform.

One region where we are looking to expand our presence is North America. This is why we’re bringing in dedicated team members to work with companies to make them aware of the potential of Cloudfy, before supporting through implementation, start up and helping users make the most of the platform’s potential.

Cloudfy is therefore delighted to announce the appointment of Wayne Robertson as our North America Implementation Manager.

With years of experience across IT management, operations and project delivery, Wayne will be working with B2B businesses in the North American market to provide an end-to-end service across project strategy, implementation, start up and consultancy.

This new role offers an opportunity to act as a consultant and advisor for B2B businesses,” Wayne says. “My role won’t be solely around implementing the Cloudfy platform, but also helping organizations create opportunities and take full advantage of the capabilities Cloudfy offers.

Wayne – who will split his time between Arizona and his native New Jersey – says the current B2B ecommerce market in the US in particular is fragmented. Research from eMarketer indicating that around 13% of B2B sales in the country takes place online.

There really is a huge opportunity for North American B2B companies when it comes to the power of ecommerce,” says Wayne. “One trend we note is millennials are now becoming buyers for businesses. They tend to expect streamlined digital channels in the way they work with their suppliers. That means there’s a big chance for companies to boost sales online over next few years. But this will only be achieved by delivering a good user experience and having streamlined online business processes.

As the Cloudfy platform is suited for the needs of companies across all industries, Wayne will be working across a spectrum of business areas to help customers them grow sales and reduce costs. He is particularly keen to find medium-sized businesses that have large transaction numbers but are yet to automate their selling processes.

Most companies are being conservative and underestimating the benefits of automating transaction processes through platforms such as Cloudfy,” says Wayne. “There are companies however who are rethinking how they do ecommerce, and redeveloping earlier generations of business. For example, cloud-based SaaS solutions can allow a company’s IT shop to focus more on business processes and less on the technical coding. Ecommerce can be a vehicle to modernize and transform how customers shop and streamline business processes to bring about huge positives.

Wayne sees the rise of ecommerce platforms for B2B businesses as a real positive news story, with those companies that do invest feeling a real sense of value from their investment.

B2B is a complex thing, with pricing, delivery, fulfillment, payment and orders all presenting different challenges,” he says. “This might be off-putting for businesses who currently take orders over the phone for example, and have staff that know this way of working and have done it this way for years. When we work with customers, sometimes internal anxieties arise around services and sales teams. But ecommerce doesn’t replace existing sales channels, but complements them. Ultimately, this type of solution helps augment and complement those roles. But time can be freed up to take on higher value activities, so it can be a change management story too. By working with a partner who has B2B selling experience, it can be easier to smoothly and seamlessly embrace the promise of ecommerce.

If you’re a US-based business interested in Cloudfy’s offering, contact us now to request your free demo.

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