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Cloudfy Announces Direct to Consumer (D2C) Functionality


Cloudfy, the cloud based ecommerce platform designed for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, are delighted to announce the addition of retail sales functionality to their Cloudfy subscribers.

Over the last five years the B2B industry has come forwards in leaps and bounds in embracing the online sales opportunity and offering their trade customers a convenient, self-service trade portal as an alternative way to view their suppliers catalogue of products, check pricing and stock levels, order online and much more.

There’s also been an increase in demand from some wholesalers who want to sell part or all of their product range directly to consumers, via their ecommerce websites.

This has often been referred to as hybrid B2B/D2C, two websites within one effectively and the team behind Cloudfy have created a number of hybrid websites for forward thinking wholesalers since 2010.

Those businesses who sell at their Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and don’t heavily discount or aggressively promote their products are finding that they can successful showcase and sell their product at RRP, which is in turn helping to grow their brand, create greater visibility in the search engines for their product ranges and can over time, offer an alternative, profitable online sales channel.

Cloudfy are delighted to announce the addition of retail sales functionality on their Cloudfy platform.  Through the user friendly and intuitive content management system dashboard, subscribers to Cloudfy can enable RRP pricing and ecommerce functionality on a certain selection or all of their product catalogue to display on the front end of the website

Category and product pages can also be configured to offer a D2C experience, along with delivery and payment set-up.

Our latest Retail Sales addition to Cloudfy offers our subscribers real flexibility when it comes to their trade portal.” Comments Robert Williams, CEO of Cloudfy. “Our customers have the choice of enabling retail sales on their front end, perhaps to grow their visibility within the Google search engine, or to test a selected new product range directly with consumers before launching it to their trade customers.  The feedback from our Cloudfy customers has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to continuing to add more exciting new features over the coming months.”

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