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Quick Ways to attract new Business in the B2B Space

Quick Ways To Attract New Business In The B2B Space

By moving B2B business online, wholesalers are now able to offer an enhanced offering and deliver a convenient, engaging means of doing business. But as more businesses in the B2B space advance their online stature, finding ways to differentiate and stand out from the crowd can create small advantages that make a big difference.

How might B2B businesses do this? What opportunities are out there? And how can thinking outside the box bring about a successful B2B ecommerce strategy?

There’s no magic formula, but we’ve picked out a few things to look at and consider.

Sort search out

First things first, you need to get your name in the right places. Online searches are now the place for this, so as a B2B business you need to make sure every potential customer can find your business online.

The way to do this is to optimize your site from an SEO perspective. By filling your site with great content, enhancing the user experience and using keywords intelligently, you can give potential customers a greater chance of discovering your offering and looking into what you have to offer.

Keep things Clear

Who are you targeting as a B2B organization?

You might have a quick answer to that question along the lines of ‘business decision makers’. But such terms don’t really get to the heart of what is going into those decisions, and who is making them.

In B2B business, when it comes to a business looking for a new wholesaler, decision makers are likely more than one person. There might well be a group decision-making process, and possibly a series of green lights from various parts of a business before a final decision is made.

What opportunities does this present? Well, if multiple people need to sign off on a purchasing decision, make it as easy as possible for them to know what your business is about and what your offering is.

Hypothetically, if a group of decision makers are sitting around a table to discuss buying from you, you want the list of benefits of doing so to be as long as possible. So make it clear and obvious on your website what these are. Make it eminently clear why your business is the one to select over others.

Be clear and communicative. Do you offer something your competitors don’t? Do you make it easy for people to buy from you? Do you offer excellent discounts to loyal customers?

A B2B purchasing decision isn’t taken lightly. It’s a strong commitment from a company. This means that the more you invest in giving potential customers confidence in your brand, the more likely they are to make the decision to go your way rather than with a competitor.

Be Engaging

One way to get potential decision makers interested initially is via positive engagement. This is eminently achievable through mediums such as social media and chatbots.

Social media offers ways to promote your business, get the word out about new products in your range and showcase discounts or offers. But it’s also a medium through which you can engage with those people involved in the purchasing decision process. You can also use social media to answer questions and give an enhanced customer experience through another medium.

Chatbots are another way to achieve this heightened level of engagement. This is a way to give site visitors information and point them in the right direction. If a customer service expert is needed, they can be passed on from a chatbot.

Equally, artificial intelligence is starting to gain momentum in the B2B space, allowing companies to offer more relevant information and product recommendations.

Attracting new B2B business isn’t easy, but by taking an innovative approach and differentiating themselves from the competition, B2B organizations can start to move ahead. Look to do what your competitors aren’t doing and be active, engaging and clear about what you offer and give yourself the best chance of success.

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