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Reliable Ecommerce Support is a Big Deal for Online Retailers

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With the Cloudfy team fresh back from the Spring Fair, we were delighted to greet visitors to our Cloudfy stand who are looking to either upgrade from their current platform or create a brand-new ecommerce presence for the trade customers.

We also heard some of the stories of businesses who went with low cost Do It Yourself ecommerce platforms, and the subsequent consequences of complexity of setting up your site, limited features, incomplete functionality and the knock-on impact of damaging their reputation, not to mention sales.  Some people reported to us, useless websites, with a myriad of issues from problems uploading products, poor mobile experience, to issues with the checkout, and sometimes waiting up to 10 days or more for their support ticket to be responded to!  We heard the adage….” You pay for what you get” a lot over the last few days!

If this sounds like a familiar story to you, we can assure you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Businesses interested in creating a new online sales channel, should consider several things before embarking on an ecommerce strategy. Ecommerce is so much more sophisticated now and it can’t be run on a complete shoestring.

A robust, trustworthy platform that works reliably is key.  Choosing the right platform is a big decision for many companies, who naturally prefer to invest their time in choosing a partner for the long term, rather than having to abandon a platform, after much effort, every 12-18 months.

Access to a support team of experts who are readily available to support the website is so important. Businesses need to have somewhere to turn if there are questions and issues and to discuss new ideas on how to accelerate growth.

Cloudfy may not be the cheapest ecommerce platform available on the market, but it’s far from being expensive, we deliver a fully managed service with 24/7 support.  Businesses are choosing Cloudfy for its super-rich B2B ecommerce features, a proven track record being a well built, high quality and reliable platform, its ability to integrate with dozens of ERP and CRM third party software, along with readily available support from an expert team – all of which our current happy customers say counts for a great deal.

Want to learn more about Cloudfy? Contact us now to request your free demo!

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