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The B2B ecommerce industry is changing…


The B2B ecommerce industry is changing…

B2B ecommerce has grown rapidly in recent years. Sales hit $559 billion in 2013, which means B2B ecommerce has now more than doubled B2C.

What’s been lacking is a B2B ecommerce experience that rivals the quality of the B2C experience. At the tap of a touchscreen, consumers can find themselves in a paradise of fast, fun, anytime, anywhere shopping experiences.

In fact, the B2C experience is so good that some retail businesses have even been relying on B2C platforms to buy in bulk. This is because suppliers and trade businesses haven’t been able to provide a simple, fast and workable experience for the B2B buyer.

That’s where Cloudfy comes in…

Get ahead of the change with Cloudfy

Cloudfy is the B2B ecommerce solution that manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, importers and distributors have been waiting for.

With Cloudfy you get a fully functional, customizable, mobile-friendly ecommerce website that’s easy to manage and easy for your customers to use. It’s quick to set up and will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. And because it’s cloud-based, you save tens of thousands of pounds in setup costs. What’s more is that we will roll all maintenance, hosting and development costs into one astonishingly affordable monthly fee.

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