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What’s Punchout and Why B2B Websites Should Have It

What’s Punchout And Why B2B Websites Should Have It

As a B2B ecommerce business, any opportunity to enhance the relationship you have with your clients should be seriously considered.

In the world of online purchasing, it’s all about efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use. You might have the ideal products for a visitor to your site at a price they’d love. But if the user experience and navigation of your site isn’t up to scratch, the majority will look elsewhere.

User expectations in relation to websites and their performance have increased tenfold over the past few years. Patience is not as high as it once was and therefore optimizing your website to meet the needs of the user in every way possible is highly advantageous.

B2B ecommerce is on the up, so making it as easy as possible to purchase from your website is so important. Furthermore, making it easy to access your B2B ecommerce website from within an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or procurement system can add to the ease with which customers can shop with you.

This is where Punchout comes in.

What is Punchout?

Punchout catalog technology is very beneficial for a B2B website. It is a solution that allows purchasers to browse and buy products from the website of their supplier without leaving the ERP or procurement system. It provides greater levels of connection between suppliers and buyers when seamlessly integrated, helping to engender customer loyalty.

Punchout has quickly become prerequisite criteria when doing business with large buyers especially. In some cases, buyers may even refuse to engage with suppliers unless this technology will be available to them.

How does Punchout work?

Large organizations rely on their e-procurement system to manage their entire purchase cycle. They use it to manage their inventory and manage all the procurement-related processes such as selecting and managing vendors and reviewing invoices

A punchout catalog is a web-based solution that allows users to access a company’s eCommerce website from their own e-procurement system.

When a buyer is searching through their e-procurement system, they can click on a link that will take them to your ‘Punchout Catalog’. Once in this catalog, they can select the products and purchases they want, add it to their cart, and the order is then sent back to the buyer’s e-procurement system.

From here, the buyer then gets requisition approved and the order is completed, with a notification sent to the buyer to confirm.

What’s more, a punchout catalog solution is designed to make it easier for B2B customers to purchase products. This is because whenever a  punchout session is started they are shown with customized product catalogs that are directly relevant to them, saving time and effort of browsing the whole site.

Although initially designed for larger B2B organizations, more recently smaller to medium sizes B2B organizations are now also reaping the benefits of this technology. So if this sounds relevant to your business, you have come to the right place.

If you think Cloudfy Punchout could be a great fit for your business, get in touch with our team today.



Heineken needed to quickly deploy a B2B ecommerce solution to allow their wholesale customers to order online 24/7. From their P.V. Union Brewery in Slovenia, the new client ordering portal would serve nearby bars, restaurants, and distributors with their daily, weekly and monthly orders… Full Case Study

"Great work by the Cloudfy team launching our B2B portal in record time."

Tilen K., Ecommerce Manager, Heineken