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Why Speed is Important for a B2B Ecommerce Site? (Updated)

Why Speed is Important for a B2B Ecommerce Site

Time is most important in today’s fast-paced environment. With the internet shrinking the world, businesses are turning to B2B ecommerce sites to expedite their purchasing process. A business-to-business ecommerce site may help companies connect with vendors and suppliers from all over the world, allowing them to quickly and simply discover the items they need to keep their operations operating effectively.

Speed is an important aspect in the success of a B2B ecommerce site. Speed is key in the fight for dominance on the web. It affects everything, from customer satisfaction to discoverability: as an example of the latter, Google made speed a ranking factor for desktop searches back in 2010. This was extended to mobile searches in 2018. 

So, if you don’t load quickly, it will fall behind in organic search rankings regardless of how good or relevant your content might be. 

In contrast, if your competitors have lightning-fast sites, they will have better rankings, more visibility, traffic, conversions and revenue. But there are other things to think about too: let’s look at what factors are involved when analysing B2B ecommerce performance. In this blog article, we’ll look at why speed is vital for a B2B ecommerce site and how it may help your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Speed is crucial for the success of a B2B Ecommerce site as it affects customer satisfaction ,discoverability and search engine rankings.
  • Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) measures how user experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a webpage. Accelerated Mobile pages can help more page load times.
  • A speedy B2B Ecommerce site can lead to a better user experience and increased conversions.
  • Time is money, and B2B buyers are in a hurry , so they need to be able to quickly locate the items they need, place orders, and more on to other duties.
  • Businesses can ensure that their site is a great resource for busy shoppers who need to get things done quickly by connecting on speed.


B2B Ecommerce Website SpeedSpeed relates to how rapidly a B2B ecommerce site loads, how quickly consumers can identify the items they need, and how quickly they can finish the checkout process. To put it another way, speed includes everything from website load times to overall user experience.

Winning the rankings race 

In some respects, your site is literally in a race for search rankings, but it’s also essential to deliver the best possible online experiences for your buyers.  

You will already be working hard on search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your site gains its place on the first page of organic search results. 

B2B Ecommerce Website Ranking Race

Google’s own research shows however that over half of visitors will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load on their mobile device. Worse still, a one-second delay in load time could reduce conversions by 7%. 

You could find that your investment in search engine marketing (SEM) is completely undermined by the speed of your site.  

In contrast, ecommerce sites that optimize for speed see improvements in search engine results with organic traffic increasing by 30% or more.  


The need for speed 

Google announced that from May 2021 Core Web Vitals (CWV) will feature as ranking signals. They are designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a web page. 

A study from August 2020 found however that less than 15% of 2,500 key words and 20,000 URLs met the standard. 

There are speed-related factors in CWV: 

“Largest contentful paint”: the time it takes for the page’s main content to load, which should be 2.5 seconds or less.  

“First input delay”: how long it takes for a page to become interactive, which should be less than 100ms. 

One option is to use accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google has been promoting AMPs since 2015 to support fast loading times on mobile devices. For B2B ecommerce companies that rely on product descriptions, images, reviews and navigation, AMP can immediately deliver faster page speeds. 

Time is Money

Time, as the old adage goes, is money. This is especially true in the area of business-to-business ecommerce. Business buyers are in a hurry and don’t have time to squander. They must be able to rapidly locate the things they require, place orders, and move on to other duties. Buyers will feel disappointed and go elsewhere for their items if your site is sluggish, cumbersome, or difficult to browse. You can guarantee that your site is a great resource for busy shoppers who need to get things done quickly by concentrating on speed.

Better User Experience

A speedy B2B ecommerce site may give a better user experience for your customers in addition to saving time. Users are more inclined to remain around and explore what you have to offer if your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Users are more likely to quit your site and seek alternatives if it is sluggish, difficult to use, or otherwise annoying. You can ensure that your site is a great resource that clients will want to return to by concentrating on speed and user experience.

Increased Conversions

Another crucial reason why speed matters for a B2B ecommerce site is that it might lead to higher conversions. Customers are more inclined to make purchases when your site loads quickly and is simple to use. This is because they believe your website is a trustworthy and dependable supplier of merchandise. Customers may feel dissatisfied and abandon their shopping carts if your site is sluggish, difficult to browse, or has technical difficulties. You may boost the possibility that clients will complete their transactions and become regular customers by concentrating on speed.Need for Ecommerce Website Speed


Improved SEO

When it comes to the performance of your B2B ecommerce site, another crucial thing to consider is search engine optimisation (SEO). When ranking websites in search results, Google and other search engines consider page load times. This implies that if your site is sluggish, it may suffer a penalty in search ranks, making it more difficult for potential consumers to locate you. You may boost your SEO and make it simpler for people to locate your site by focusing on speed and ensuring that your site loads quickly.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, speed may provide your B2B ecommerce site a competitive advantage. To keep ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced business environment, firms must be able to move swiftly and efficiently. You may separate yourself from competition and attract new clients who are searching for a simplified purchase experience by concentrating on speed and delivering a quick, dependable, and easy-to-use ecommerce site. A quick website may also assist you in developing a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable partner, which can lead to repeat business and recommendations.

The benefits of speed for your B2B ecommerce site 

  • Visibility : Google is secretive about how search rankings are created, but it has been clear for some time that speed on mobile devices is a priority. More buyers are using mobile devices for research and purchasing, and this trend is changing the B2B purchasing process.  
  • Costs : A lot of investment in paid-for results would be needed to achieve a 20% uplift in your CTR, so it makes financial sense to focus on the speed of your site. Faster sites are also rewarded with a higher quality score for paid results, resulting in lower costs per click (CPC), so you could be saving money here too. 
  • Competitiveness:  Technologies such as single-page apps, progressive web apps and AMP can deliver very fast speeds, raising the bar that you and all your B2B ecommerce competitors must meet or beat.  With technology moving ahead so quickly, today’s lightning-fast sites could become tomorrow’s sluggish relics. Maintaining a focus on your site speed, especially for mobile devices, will keep you in touch with the latest ecommerce developments and help to make sure you maintain your market position. 
  • Reputation : Customer experience is a priority for B2B buyers. 86% of buyers say they are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience. The more expensive the item, the more they are willing to pay, according to research from PWC.  

While the immediate risk of slow site performance can be a lower conversion rate, in the longer term it can negatively reflect on your brand image – something harder to recover.

Tips for ensuring fast speed

Here is some actionable advice that can help improve the loading speed and overall performance of an ecommerce site that caters to other businesses. By implementing these tips, businesses can create a faster and more efficient ecommerce platform that can attract more customers and improve their bottom line.

  • Optimize Your Site for Speed : There are several approaches to optimise your site for performance, including image compression, CSS and JavaScript minification, and the use of a content delivery network (CDN). These approaches can help you minimise page load times and enhance your site’s overall performance.
  • Prioritize User Experience: In addition to speed, it is critical to prioritise user experience. This includes making your website user-friendly, with clear and succinct product descriptions, simple navigation menus, and a quick checkout procedure.
  • Test Your Site Regularly : Regular testing is required to ensure that your site runs smoothly and rapidly. Use tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to find sections of your site that may be optimised for performance and make the necessary modifications.
  • Invest in Quality Hosting : Any B2B ecommerce site must have reliable hosting. Choose a hosting service that provides quick load speeds and consistent uptime and consider upgrading to a dedicated server if your site receives a lot of traffic.
  • Choose a fast ecommerce platform : Cloudfy has been designed from the outset to meet the needs of contemporary B2B ecommerce. It is a software as a service (SaaS) solution, so you can be confident that it is fast, reliable and secure.  As your business grows, your Cloudfy platform can grow with you, so you can always operate at peak performance. 

    You don’t have to buy or maintain equipment, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance and upgrades to keep everything running smoothly. There are at least four major platform updates a year, delivered to you in the cloud without any downtime.  

    You can be confident that your platform will always be at the forefront of the latest technical and best practice trends in ecommerce. 

    To find out how to create and maintain an impressively fast ecommerce platform with us, talk to one of our experts today.

Speed is important for a B2B ecommerce site because it affects everything from customer satisfaction to discoverability, and even search engine rankings.

An ecommerce sites that optimize for speed see improvements in search engine results with organic traffic increasing by 30% or more.


Core Web Vitals (CWV) are ranking signals introduced by Google in May 2021 to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a web page. They are important for a B2B ecommerce site because they can impact search engine rankings and user experience. If a site doesn't meet the CWV standards, it may suffer from lower rankings and reduced conversions.

AMPs are designed to support fast loading times on mobile devices and can immediately deliver faster page speeds for B2B ecommerce companies that rely on product descriptions, images, reviews, and navigation. By using AMPs, a B2B ecommerce site can optimize its performance and provide a better user experience.

Speed can impact conversions for a B2B ecommerce site because customers are more inclined to make purchases when they can quickly find what they are looking for and easily navigate the site. A one-second delay in load time could reduce conversions by 7%. In contrast, a fast site can lead to higher conversions and revenue.

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