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Cloudfy’s Rich Marketing Suite (Part 1)

Cloudfy’s Rich Marketing Suite (Part 1)

In today’s digital era, ecommerce platforms need to be both powerful and flexible when it comes to offering marketing intelligence and solutions. Cloudfy caters to marketers needs by offering a superb suite of built in marketing tools that will help businesses gain important insights about customer’s online behavior and purchasing habits.

Here’s a few of the marketing tools available on Cloudfy.

Cross Sell/Up Sell. A popular and well used marketing technique is offering cross-sells and upsells on category and product pages and also at the basket page. Cloudfy enables businesses to set up alternatives and accessories for their products, providing opportunities for businesses to offer personalized upsell and cross sells to help increase their average order values and overall onsite conversion rate

Customers Also Bought. Cloudfy offers businesses the potential to connect with their customers through greater personalization. Displaying insights on previous shopper’s activity can provide credibility, trust and support strategies to increase average order values onsite. This feature also has the benefit of allowing businesses to identify their most successful products, as they can see what is in high demand.

Recently Viewed. The ‘Recently Viewed’ feature is a strong addition that can help make a customer’s experience more satisfying and enjoyable by providing reminders about products they have already reviewed making it very easy for the customer to revisit these products

Site Backdrop and Snow Animation. Cloudfy’s Site Backdrop editor can make a webpage unique, relevant and impactful. The Site Backdrop feature can enable marketers to regularly refresh the backdrop of their website, adding seasonal images or promotional messages to keep the website looking fresh and up-to-date. Snow animation can also be highly effective, especially for businesses who want to appeal to consumers around the winter season or festive period. Snow animation can add some serious Christmas spirit to a businesses web page.

Email A Friend. Finding a perfect product online can be an exciting moment for online shoppers. Cloudfy offers businesses the opportunity to let their customers share that find with their friends, by sending information such as product pages via the ‘Email A Friend’ feature. ‘Email A Friend’ has the potential to increase brand awareness, and potentially attract more visitors into store.

Feature Promotions. Feature promotions are highly efficient ways of directly linking customers to specific products or pages. Usually in the form of promotional banners, Cloudfy ensures that feature promotions have the power to communicate promotional messages, offers and other important information to consumers.

Google Analytics Integration. Today’s digital marketer relies on having real time sales information available at the touch of a button. Cloudfy integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, allowing businesses to track their ecommerce progress via Google Analytics. Cloudfy admin users need to simply add their Google Analytics account code to activate, and start tracking visitor activity.

To find out more about Cloudfy’s powerful marketing suite of ecommerce, contact us now and request your free demo.

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